19 Jun , 2015

Concealed Handgun Permit Holder saves Life of Police Captain who was being attacked by man high on crystal meth

From Inside Edition (July 27, 2016):

Cpl. Michael Wheeler of Ohio’s Mt. Vernon Police Department owes his life to a brave civilian who stepped forward with a drawn gun.

Wheeler said he was being attacked by a homeless man who later acknowledged to officers that he was high on crystal meth.

19 May , 2015

Civilian with handgun “may have saved officer’s life”

May 12, 2015: A case in northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where a police officer was beaten on his head with his baton. The rookie officer was “seriously injured.” The civilian who used his gun to stop the attacker “may have saved officer’s life.”

In this case, it isn’t clear if the civilian who rescued the officer had a concealed handgun permit.…

12 May , 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at  Tuesday, May 12, 2.30 AM 3

Concealed handgun permit holder saves police officer who was being savagely beaten by burglar

On May 5th in Oklahoma City,when  a young police officer was being savagely beaten by burglar with the officer’s baton, a concealed hand permit holder came to the aid of the officer and stopped the attack.  The two burglars in this case have been in the Oklahoma county jail a combined total of 70 times (see end of video clip).  …