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Less than 0.1% of guns are used in crime in any given year

26 Jul , 2021  

The National Crime Victimization Survey, in the latest year that it is available, 2019, shows that firearms were used 440,830 incidents for rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults (Table 25). The FBI Uniform Crime Reports shows that firearms were used in 10,258 murders. Some put the number of gun in the US at around 400 million, if you assume that on average each criminal firearm is used in two different crimes, a definite underestimate, only about 0.056% of firearms are used in a crime in any given year.…

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New Research: Corrections to the FBI’s Reports on Active Shooting Incidents

4 Jun , 2021  

This new research by Dr. John Lott is available here. While he was working at the Department of Justice, he put together a report on errors in the FBI’s Reports on Active Shooting incidents.


The claim in the original FBI report that active shooting cases have increased over time was a result of data errors, both in terms of how the cases were collected and the missing of many attacks.


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At Real Clear Investigations: America the Outlier: Voter Photo IDs Are the Rule in Europe and Elsewhere

1 Jun , 2021  

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Real Clear Investigation/Real Clear Politics and the Daily Signal and American Greatness.

Democrats and much of the media are pushing to make permanent the extraordinary, pandemic-driven measures to relax voting rules during the 2020 elections – warning anew of racist voter “suppression” otherwise.

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New Research: Not all right-to-carry laws are the same

21 May , 2021  

Prof. Carl Moody, the CPRC’s Research Director, has a new paper (available here) explaining why so many other papers are making mistakes in how they estimate the impact of concealed handguns on crime rates. The point might seem obvious, that there are huge differences in right-to-carry laws across states, but it is a fact that seems to be ignored by virtually all the other research on both sides of the debate.…


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Types of guns used in Mass Public Shootings 1998 through March 2021

8 Apr , 2021  

Our dataset of Mass Public Shooting List US 1998-March 2021 provides information on the ages, political views, and religious beliefs of mass public shooters and these killers’ race and gender.  And it also provides information on the types of guns used. Eleven percent of these attacks involve only rifles of any type, with “assault rifles” being a subset of that.…


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At Real Clear Investigations: Mail-in Vote Fraud in Montana

24 Mar , 2021  

UPDATE: Montana Governor Greg Gianforte Announces That He Has Talked To Secretary Of State Christi Jacobsen About Mail-In Vote Fraud Allegations In Missoula, Montana

ORIGINAL: Dr. John Lott has an investigative piece on mail-in vote fraud in Montana. Some of the relevant documents are available at the end of this post.…

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More problems with the latest FBI Reports: 15% of Active Shooter Attacks During 2014-19 were Stopped Or Mitigated By Citizens Legally Carrying Guns, But Misses More than Half The Cases

2 Nov , 2020  

The FBI claims that there were 27 active shooting cases in 2018 and 28 cases in 2019, but they have missed at least seven cases, with at least six cases where a concealed handgun permit holder stopped the attack. So there should be nine cases (14.52%) where people used legally carried guns to stop 62 cases in 2018 and 2019.…

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New Research: Comparing the Global Rate of Mass Public Shootings to the U.S.’s Rate and Comparing their Changes Over time: 1998 to 2017

11 Aug , 2020  

You can download a copy of our new research available here. Please download and read it.


The U.S. is well below the world average in terms of the number of mass public shootings, and the global increase over time has been much bigger than for the United States.

Over the 20 years from 1998 to 2017, our list contains 2,772 attacks and at least 5,764 shooters outside the United States and 62 attacks and 66 shooters within our country.  By

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Original Research: Why do most countries ban mail-in ballots?: They have seen massive vote fraud problems

3 Aug , 2020  

Given all the concern about vote fraud, the CPRC investigated how other countries have handled the process. The paper is available for download here. Here is the abstract:

Thirty-seven states have so far changed their mail-in voting procedures this year in response to the Coronavirus. Despite frequent claims that President Trump’s warning about vote fraud/voting buying with mail-in ballots is “baselessly” or “without evidence” about mail-in vote fraud, there are numerous examples of vote fraud and vote buying with mail-in ballots in the United States and across the world.


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The Crime Prevention Research Center completely dominates the Social Science Research Network’s listing of Academic Crime Research

13 Jul , 2020  

The Social Science Research Network’s eLibrary provides 947,686 research papers from 498,760 researchers in more than 50 disciplines.

Dr. John Lott’s work was the 48th most downloaded researcher over the last 12 months, and he is the 24th most downloaded researcher ever.

No other researcher or university or center has a even a fraction as many top crime papers as does the Crime Prevention Research Center.