Constitutional Carry

Constitutional Carry looks set to pass the Texas House

15 Apr , 2021  

By a 84 to 56 vote, the Texas House passed a Constitutional Carry bill on second reading. Eight Democrats voted for the bill and one Republican voted against it. The final vote will take place on Friday. If passed then passed by the state Senate, Texas would be the 21 state to adopt the law.…

Constitutional Carry

There are 20 Constitutional Carry States

3 Apr , 2021  

You will now be able to carry a concealed handgun from West Virginia to Idaho or from Arizona to Montana without a permit.

Iowa became the 19th state. In Iowa, the House vote was 60-37 and in the Senate it passed 31-17. In the House, all the Republicans and one Democrat voted for the bill, and in the Senate, it was a pure party line vote.…

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Testimony before the Texas House Homeland Security & Public Safety on Constitutional Carry

29 Mar , 2021   Video

Here is a video of Dr. John Lott’s testimony before the Texas House Homeland Security & Public Safety on March 25, 2021.

UPDATE: The Homeland Security & Public Safety passed two Constitutional Carry bills on pure party line 6-to-3 votes.


Constitutional Carry

Age Limits to Carry Concealed in Constitutional Carry States and Right-to-Carry States

12 Mar , 2021  

With a number of states adopting Constitutional Carry laws, one of the issues that is coming up is what should the age limit be for those who carry. Of the 18 Constitutional Carry states, twelve allow people to carry guns at 18 years of age. One other state allows carrying at age 19.…

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UPDATE: There are now 18 Constitutional Carry States, and there is a reasonable chance it will be 20 later this year

18 Feb , 2021  

On Friday, February 12th, Utah’s Governor Spencer Cox signed a bill making Constitutional Carry the law in Utah. On Thursday, February 18th, Governor Greg Gianforte’s first priority for this legislative session has been signing a Constitutional Carry/eliminating gun-free zone, and it is now on his desk.

That might not be all this year.…

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On Montana Talks: Discussing the Permitless Carry and Elimination of Gun-free Zone Bill before the Montana Senate

28 Jan , 2021  

Dr. John Lott talked to Aaron Flint about HB 102, which would make the entire state permitless carry and eliminating many gun-free zones in the state. Montana Talks is heard across the state. The state Senate Judiciary Committee will be revoting on amendments to the bill on Friday, January 29, 2021.…


Constitutional Carry

New Governors in Montana and Utah promise to sign permit less carry bills

13 Jan , 2021  

It looks very likely that there will be 18 Constitutional Carry states very soon. The new Montana and Utah Governors have promised to sign Constitutional Carry (in Montana “permitless carry”) and the Republican legislative majorities in both states look set to pass it. The Montana bill (HB 102) would also eliminate many gun-free zones in the state, such as college campuses.…