16 Jan , 2019

On The Young Turks: Discussing how Universal Background checks harm poor minorities

Dr. John R. Lott, Jr. spoke with the Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur about how universal background checks disarm poor minorities. The also debated whether more guns mean less crime.

Regarding claims about how crime rates vary across nations see here and how crime rates change after guns are banned see here.…


15 Jan , 2019

On WMAL to discuss crime by illegal aliens and the coming gun control debate

Dr. John Lott talked to Steve Malzberg on DC’s WMAL about CNN’s claims regarding illegal aliens and crime. Lott and Malzberg also talked about the coming debate over gun control both nationally and in states such as Virginia. He talked about the universal background and Red Flag laws.

(Saturday, January 12, 2019, from 6:05 to 6:16 PM)


14 Jan , 2019

On Fox Nation with Judge Napolitano: Explaining why more guns mean less crime

Dr. John Lott talks with Judge Napolitano about crime reduction when law-abiding citizens own and carry guns for self-defense.…

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13 Jan , 2019

UPDATED: Correcting Gun Control false claims about “America’s unique gun violence problem” and “How to Reduce Shootings”

UPDATED, originally Posted April 3, 2018: An article at Vox has gained attention for illustrating America’s “unique gun violence problem” in 17 maps and charts.  A similar New York Times opinion piece by Nicolas Kristof on “How to Reduce Shootings” and another at the BBC titled “America’s gun culture in 10 charts” have gained attention.  …

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13 Jan , 2019

The Gun Show Loophole Myth: New Bureau of Justice Statistics Survey on the Sources of Criminal Guns confirms very few Criminals get guns from gun shows

The gun show loophole has always been a misnomer because it implies that somehow the rules for buying a gun in a gun show are somehow different than buying a gun outside of a gun show. The other part of this is that the multiple surveys done of criminal criminals find that virtually no criminals obtain their guns from gun shows.…

13 Jan , 2019

Talks on Wednesday at the University of Michigan and Cooley Law Schools

Dr. John Lott will be giving talks on gun control on Wednesday, January 16th.
— University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor at 11:50 AM in Hutchins 218
— Cooley Law School in Lansing at 4:00 PM

12 Jan , 2019

On Armed American Radio to discuss the dangers of Gun-free Zones, Universal Background Checks, and other issues

Dr. Lott talks about the dangers of gun-free zones and how places like schools are often-times left vulnerable, where good people are left defenseless. Armed security being used is a deterrent but allowing concealed carry provides an added layer of protection that perpetrators would find difficult to overcome because of the element of surprise and strategic defense capabilities.…


12 Jan , 2019

On John Gibson’s national radio show to discuss claims that there is no research showing illegal aliens commit crime at high rates

Dr. John Lott appeared on John Gibson’s national radio show to discuss claims that there is no research showing illegal aliens commit crime at high rates. Gibson starts off with audio of CNN’s Chris Cuomo falsely claiming that no studies find illegal aliens commit crime at a higher rate than native-born Americans.…

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11 Jan , 2019

CPRC in the News: Yahoo! News, Washington Times, Ricochet, Foreign Policy Journal, American Thinker, and many others


Yahoo News, January 9, 2019

The Crime Prevention Research Center, a pro-gun rights think tank, reports that there were approximately 17.25 million concealed handgun permits issued in the United States as of August 2018. . . . .


Washington Times, January 10, 2019

Currently, 28 states allow teachers and certain school staffers to carry firearms, according to the conservative nonprofit Crime Prevention Research Center.

10 Jan , 2019

In the Journal of Health Behavior Research on “Should schools have teachers carry guns?”

Dr. John Lott has a short piece on whether schools should allow teachers to carry guns in Health Behavior Research, a journal of the American Academy of Health Behavior. The paper can be downloaded here.


With 20 states having teachers and staff carrying guns to varying degrees on school property, we don’t need to guess how the policy would work.…

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