22 Feb , 2017

CPRC on the Larry Elder Show to discuss Public Health research on Police Deaths and Gun Ownership Rates

Dr. John Lott appeared on the Larry Elder Show to discuss Public Health research on Police Deaths and Gun Ownership Rates.  Lott’s book, The War on Guns, shows that when this data accounts for national changes in crime rates the higher gun ownership rates in a state are actually associated with lower rates of police being killed on the job.…


21 Sep , 2016


Problems with the new Harvard-Northeastern Gun Survey

The new Harvard-Northeastern survey is very disappointing. There are two points to this survey.  That the percentage of the population owning guns is falling and that a very small percent of the population is buying a huge number of guns.  The new book The War on Guns has a chapter showing that both of these points are inaccurate.


12 Mar , 2016

Fox News Opinion

CPRC at Fox News: “You know the case for background checks is weak if . . .”

John Lott’s newest piece at Fox News is on the extremely low quality of research by public health researchers starts this way:

Academic advocates of gun control apparently need to manipulate the data in order to argue for background checks on private gun transfers.  Even the prestigious medical journal, the Lancet, does not seem to be above publishing junk science on gun control.  

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13 Nov , 2015

Washington Post Banner

CPRC in the Sunday Washington Post: “Maryland’s long-overdue goodbye to ballistic fingerprinting”

John Lott’s op-ed at the Washington Post starts this way:

Ballistic fingerprinting was all the rage 15 years ago. Maryland led the way, setting up a computer database on new guns and the markings they made on bullets. New York soon followed. The days of criminal gun use were supposedly numbered.

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1 Sep , 2015


CPRC interviewed in America’s First Freedom on problems with some recent “public health” research


John Lott was interviewed by America’s First Freedom about the problems with some recent so-called “public health” research.  The first question and answer is available here:

America’s 1st Freedom: What were the biggest things that the authors of the study on police deaths in the American Journal of Public Health did wrong?


28 Aug , 2015

Bohannon Mornings

CPRC on America in the Morning with Jim Bohannon on a variety of gun issues.

John Lott talked to Jim Bohannon about recent research claiming to find relationship gun ownership and the safety of police, the huge increase in the number of concealed handgun permits, and President Obama’s push on stopping some people on Social Security from owning guns (August 18, 2015).

Audience size 2.75+ million.…


17 Aug , 2015

AJPH heading for this paper

Fraudulent study in the American Journal of Public Health inaccurately claims that states with more guns have more police deaths

The end of last week a study in the American Journal of Public Health claimed that there were more police feloniously killed in states that had more guns. The study got extensive news coverage at the TV networks such as NBC News, newspapers such as the Chicago Sun-Times,  and international coverage such the UK Guardian.  …

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8 Jul , 2015

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Evaluating new research “Firearm Ownership and Violent Crime in the U.S.: An Ecological Study” By Monuteaux, Lee, Hemenway, Mannix, Fleegler

Live Science describes a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine this way:

Monuteaux and his colleagues wanted to test whether increased gun ownership had any effect on gun homicides, overall homicides and violent gun crimes. They chose firearm robbery and assault, because those crimes are likely to be reported and recorded in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Uniform Crime Report.

16 Jun , 2015


CPRC at Fox News: “Connecticut’s strict gun licensing law linked to steep drop in homicides? Not really”

John Lott’s newest piece at Fox News starts this way:

A new study in the American Journal of Public Health claims that the state of Connecticut’s 1995 gun licensing law has reduced firearm homicide rates by 40 percent.  But this just released study gives academics a bad name.  Not surprisingly, anti-gun activist and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and the left-wing Joyce Foundation funded the research.


13 Jun , 2015


CPRC on CNN to discuss the false claim that gun licensing reduced firearm homicides in Connecticut by 40%

Carina Storrs with CNN interviewed John Lott, and tried to get across the point that you can’t cherry pick one law in one state when many places are changing their laws.  Unfortunately, she left out the main point that even for Connecticut there was no real evidence that the licensing law was responsible for this drop in firearm homicides (e.g., even their comparison would have show a relative increase in firearm homicides in Connecticut if they had added just one more year of data).  …