26 Aug , 2018

‘Mass shooting’ reported at Jacksonville Landing in Florida at another Gun-free zone

Another horrible tragedy in Florida with two people killed in yet another gun-free zone where general citizens were banned from having guns for protection.

News 4 Jacksonville reports (Updated):

A gunman from Baltimore opened fire during a video game tournament Sunday afternoon inside Chicago Pizza at the Jacksonville Landing, killing two and injuring a dozen others before taking his own life, Sheriff Mike Williams announced.

4 May , 2018

At Fox News: Ahead of NRA speeches by Trump, Pence hypocritical media get it wrong on gun ban

Dr. John Lott has a new piece up at Fox News about the media attacks on the NRA and the Trump administration regarding their supposed hypocrisy over gun-free zones.  The piece starts here:

The news media love to criticize hypocrisy – at least by conservatives – even when it doesn’t exist.

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23 Apr , 2018

Waffle House continues company policy to ban permitted concealed handguns for civilians at their restaurants

On Sunday, April 22, 2018, 4 people were killed by Travis Reinking at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee.  As is far too common, the Waffle House was a gun-free zone (pictures shown below).

Waffle House has continued to have a gun-free zone policy.  Here is a statement that Waffle House issued in October 2015 after an attack that was stopped outside their restaurant by a permit holder:

Waffle House has even gone so far as banning armed, National Guard soldiers (September 30, 2015):

An armed National Guard soldier in uniform has been refused service at a Kentucky Waffle House.

14 Feb , 2018

Another mass public shooting in Florida, another gun-free zone: Parkland, Florida school shooting

UPDATE: At least 17 people were killed in this horrible attack.

ORIGINAL POST: When will there be a serious discussion of the dangers of gun-free zones?  When will the media point out in their discussions of the guns used or how the guns were obtained that another attack occurred in a gun-free zone?…

23 Jan , 2018

Another tragedy: Another School Shooting in Another Gun-Free Zone, this time in Kentucky

We have talked to many dozens of people who have been present at these mass public shootings.  The feeling of utter helplessness that these victims face as they try to hide from these killers is overwhelming. But with gun-free zones, the only person who has a weapon is the killer.  Last year the Kentucky state legislature considered legislation to get rid of gun-free zones at schools, but the legislation went nowhere.  …

10 Oct , 2017

DC’s Gun-free Zone Problem: Regulations effectively ban anyone from legally carrying a gun

Last Thursday, the District of Columbia decided not to appeal a decision by the DC federal appeals court that declared DC’s concealed carry law unconstitutional.  DC had asked the entire DC federal appeals court for an en banc review of that decision, but despite a large Democratic majority, the entire DC federal appeals court unanimously let that decision stand.  …

18 May , 2017

In the Orange County Register: Shooting down myths of ‘gun-free zones’ in schools

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed in the Orange County Register (287,474 daily circulation) on the move by Democrats in California to take away local control over whether permitted concealed handguns should be allowed in K-12 schools.

Two years ago, California passed a restriction concerning concealed carry on school campuses.

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10 Apr , 2017

Swedish newspaper has a solution to terror attacks: “Car-free zones”

The headline in the fourth largest Swedish paper, Aftonbladet, had the headline “Rensa Stockholm – stoppa bilarna,” which translated means “Clear Stockholm – stopping cars.”  Banning guns from areas is obviously not the same as banning cars.  Putting up barricades to cars in areas with lots of pedestrians can make sense.  …

6 Apr , 2017

Cincinnati Nightclub Shooting Occurred in a Gun-Free Zone

Despite all the news coverage given to the Cincinnati Nightclub Shooting at the end of March, one part of the news coverage is again missing: that the attack occurred in a place where permitted concealed handguns weren’t allowed.  The picture shown here is from the front door of the nightclub.  From Fox News:

Several unidentified shooters opened fire at a Cincinnati nightclub early Sunday, killing one person and wounding 15 others, officials said.

24 Mar , 2017

Interview with America’s 1st Freedom: “Gun-Free Zones Are Targets”

Here is an interview that Dr. John Lott did with America’s 1st Freedom:

Discussion of so-called gun-free zones doesn’t make it onto the news much these days, so the truth can be hard to find. The reason why is simple: After high-profile shootings, the “mainstream” media tend to ignore the facts and follow their gun-ban agenda into emotional discussions of gun bans, magazine bans and background checks.