19 Jun , 2018

In News article at Fox News: Experts shoot holes in CNN’s report on school gun violence

Dr. John Lott was interviewed about recent claims about how frequent schools shootings are in the US.  From the Fox News article:

John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center and contributor to FoxNews.com, who has published “More Guns, Less Crime,” has long been in the thick of the gun debate. 

5 Jun , 2018

Walter Williams discusses our work: In a time of less gun control there were fewer shootings

George Mason economics Professor Walter Williams discusses some of Dr. John Lott’s past writings in his weekly national column. His column is syndicated by Creators.

legal scholar John Lott argues that gun accessibility in our country has never been as restricted as it is now. Lott reports that until the 1960s, New York City public high schools had shooting clubs.

19 May , 2018

Crime Prevention Research Center in the News: USA Today, Rolling Stone, CNN, Sky News, and others

USA Today, May 4, 2018

Fox News columnist John Lott said the “news media love to criticize hypocrisy — at least by conservatives — even when it doesn’t exist.“

“Protecting the president and vice president of the United States from assassination is not the same as protecting a group of people from a mass public shooting or protecting you or me from being robbed on a dark street,” Lott said.

12 May , 2018

MSNBC mentions President Trump using CPRC research on gun-free zones

Mike Pesca with Slate mentions President Trump using CPRC’s research on mass public shootings occurring in gun-free zones.  An explanation for why Pesca and others are wrong in questioning the CPRC numbers is available here.
May 4, 2018

4 May , 2018

Crime Prevention Research Center in the News: Townhall, American Spectator, and other places around the country

Townhall, April 28, 2018

But a study of global mass-shooting incidents from 2009 to 2015 by the Crime Prevention Research Center, headed by economist John Lott, shows the U.S. doesn’t lead the world in mass shootings. In fact, it doesn’t even make the top 10, when measured by death rate per million population from mass public shootings.

24 Apr , 2018

Why we should have armed teachers

Should teachers and staff at schools be armed?  John Stossel and producer Maxim Lott made a video analyzing that question, and used CPRC research to do so.

More information on concealed handguns at schools is available here.  There are a couple of nitpicking points to make about the video.  The accidental discharge in California occurred at a firearms training class outside of normal school hours.  …

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16 Apr , 2018

Associated Press cites CPRC: What makes a justifiable self-defense?

Dr. John Lott was interviewed by the Associated Press about a case that was clearly not protected by the state’s Stand Your Ground law.  No reasonable person would have felt threatened by the criminal once he was lying unconscious on the floor.  Here is part of the Associated Press article:

A former Oklahoma pharmacist is seeking a reduction of the life prison sentence he received for shooting a teenage would-be robber to death nine years ago, but legal experts say actions that many consider vigilantism leave little chance the request will be granted.

14 Apr , 2018

At Fox News on Top Rated States for the Gun Industry

Fox News interviewed Dr. John Lott for a news article that they ran on the top-rated states for the gun industry.

Red Alabama is the best state for the firearms industry when it comes to factors such as jobs and gun culture, while blue Rhode Island is the worst, according to the jobs website Zippia.

1 Apr , 2018

Not that long ago, kids were toting guns in New York City

You wouldn’t think it after last weekend’s “March for Our Lives,” but it wasn’t that long ago that thousands of high schoolers were walking around with guns.  From the New York Post article, “When toting guns in high school was cool”:

“Even in New York City, virtually every public high school had a shooting club up until 1969,” gun-rights advocate and academic John Lott Jr.


27 Mar , 2018

CPRC in the News: Voice of America, Daily Signal, Utah Chronicle, CNSNews, Odessa American, and others

Voice of America, March 16, 2018

Though the NRA has come on board, other gun rights advocates say treatment, not gun seizure, is the answer to dealing with gun owners who show signs of trouble.

“If you really believe somebody is a danger to themselves or others, then you ought to think about involuntarily committing them to some type of mental health facility,” said John Lott, an economist and founder of the right-leaning Crime Prevention Research Center.