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Rasmussen Report shows 47% of American households own guns, 27% of households with guns have bought one in the last six months

10 Aug , 2020  

A new Rasmussen Report survey shows that 47 percent of American households own a gun, with 5 percent either not sure/refusing to answer the question. Assuming that 47 percent of those who aren’t sure or refusing to answer whether they own a gun actually do, half of American households own guns.…


How badly does the media bias people’s views on the types of deaths from firearms?

13 Oct , 2019  

A new survey from American Associate for Public Opinion Research shows that Americans are much more likely to think that mass shootings and other types of homicides make up a much larger share of total homicides than they do. The huge gap between how people think individuals die from guns and how they do is undoubtedly due to media bias.…


Democratic Pollster Doug Schoen explains why gun control will be the unifying theme for Democrats in the 2020 election

22 May , 2019  

If you ever wonder why Michael Bloomberg is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into gun control research at the same time that he spent $110 million last year on Congressional races and even more on state legislative races, this article by Democrat pollster Doug Schoen provides an explanation. Bloomberg understands that he just can’t focus on politics, but that he also has to focus on changing people’s views on guns.…



National Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Surveys on Concealed Handgun Reciprocity and other issues

14 May , 2018  

For 29 years, the National Association of Chiefs of Police has conducted annual surveys of how police chiefs view gun regulations.  (Click on survey results to enlarge.)  The last couple of surveys ask a different question than the earlier ones.  The most recent couple of surveys ask if their department supports national reciprocity, while the earlier surveys ask if they believe that it will help them reduce crime.  …



Lots of judges carry concealed handguns: 26% of Judges carry, 2% more considering, more wish they could but are banned

29 Apr , 2018  

The National Judicial College recently surveyed judges around the country in 2017 and found that judges carry concealed handguns at much higher rates than the general population.  While a number of states still ban judges from carrying concealed handguns, the National Center for State Courts reports that Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Wyoming have all changed their laws between 2011 and the beginning of 2017 to allow judges to carry.  …


UPDATED: Surveys on Teachers and Staff Carrying Guns show surprising support

8 Apr , 2018  

With teachers and staff carrying concealed handguns in certain school districts within 18 states, much of the country has gotten used to the idea.  In the aftermath of the Florida high school shooting, a couple of surveys have been done on Americans’ views on arming teachers.  While a Rasmussen Reports poll shows that people oppose giving teachers incentives to carry by a 48% to 43% margin, there is actually strong support among those adults who presumably care most about the issue — parents with school-age children. …


The mirage that young people are in mass pushing for gun control. If anything, younger people are least inclined towards it.

28 Mar , 2018  

For those who were at the “March for Our Lives” event this past Saturday, there were lots of old people with grey hair and lots of middle age people, but relatively few who were high school age.  Of course, we weren’t able to see the whole crowd, nor did we really try, but it turns out that only about 10% were under 18 years of age and

“My research tells a different story about who participated in the March for Our Lives — and it is more complicated and less well-packaged for prime time,” University of Maryland sociology professor Dana R.


UPDATE: Gun ownership remains at 47%, but that probably underestimates the true rate

25 Mar , 2018  

UPDATE: Do you ever notice that most of these surveys on gun ownership seem to be done soon after a mass public shooting?  It isn’t like they include this question in surveys they do every March or October.  A new survey conducted from March 10th to 14th, 2018 by NBC News/Wall Street Journal shows that gun ownership has leveled off at 47% or 48% range over the last year.


NBC/WSJ Survey Shows how people’s views on the benefits of guns has changed over the last 20 years

25 Mar , 2018  

NBC/WSJ (question 14 on page 12) have a new survey by the Democratic polling firm Hart Research, and it finds that Americans are much more likely to view guns as making them safer than they were 20 years ago.

The results show a very similar pattern to that found by Gallup in their survey from 2000 to the end of 2014.…


With the “March for Our Lives,” how monolithic are young people on gun control issues?

23 Mar , 2018  

If you listen to CNN or MSNBC, one would think that all young people have the same views on this topic.  It isn’t obvious that these young people know that much about guns or gun control, but they are deeply involved in the current debate.  A USA Today survey from March 14 to 20, 2018 surveyed 1,112 young people online.  …