18 Sep , 2017

At The Hill: “Democrats must denounce the rise in harassment against Republicans”

Dr. John Lott has a new opinion piece at The Hill newspaper on the union-backed disruptions of congressional Republicans.  The title used by The Hill says “Democrats must denounce the rise in violence against Republicans,” but that isn’t exactly what the op-ed piece says.  The article starts this way:

As masked leftists use clubs to shut down free speech at Berkeley and elsewhere, Democrats have unfortunately been reticent to condemn the activity.

11 Sep , 2017

In the Chicago Tribune: “Apply background checks for gun purchases to voting”

Dr. John Lott has another op-ed in the Chicago Tribune based on part of the testimony that he will be giving on Tuesday morning to President’s Commission on Voter Integrity in New Hampshire.  The piece in the Tribune starts this way:

Republicans worry about vote fraud. Democrats claim that Republicans are just imagining things.

31 Aug , 2017

At Fox News: “Concussions occur in soccer and other sports, too — but yeah, let’s go after all-American football”

With all the commotion over Ed Cunningham’s resignation from ESPN, the media is solely focused on concussions in football.  While this involves legal violence, not crime, the piece still illustrates how media does a very poor job of informing people about what is happening.  The piece starts this way:

Did you know who Ed Cunningham is?

28 Aug , 2017

At Fox News: “Police and military equipment – overturning Obama ban protects Americans and law enforcement”

Dr. John Lott has a new piece up at Fox News on the Trump administration’s decision to overturn Obama’s ban on used military equipment being given to police.  The piece starts this way:

Police have a tough and dangerous job.  Armored military vehicles and military-grade body armor aren’t just useful for soldiers, they make it possible for police to protect Americans.

26 Aug , 2017

In Investor’s Business Daily: “Yes, Sticks And Stones Break Bones, But Calling People Names And Lying About Racism Hurts, Too”

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed in Investor’s Business Daily about the continued false statements by the media Donald Trump.  The piece starts this way:

Does it hurt to accuse someone of being a Nazi or a racist who is neither of those?  How about calling someone those vile terms when he has spent his life supporting Jewish and black causes?

19 Aug , 2017

At The Hill: “Media just can’t stop telling falsehoods about Trump’s views on race”

Dr. John Lott has a new piece up at The Hill on the issues of false media claims on race, Trump’s U.S. Department of Justice investigating civil rights violation charges in the Charlottesville case, and the question of what orders were given to the police in Charlottesville.  The op-ed starts this way:

The media just can’t stop lying about President Trump’s views on racism and hatred.

18 Aug , 2017

At the Daily Caller: Media Bias Can No Longer Be Reasonably Denied: Absurd claims for Spain Attack

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at the Daily Caller on Media bias in the reporting of the vehicle attack in Spain.  We have done work on vehicle attacks around the world.

The news media wants to tie everything it can to the Charlottesville attack.  Wolf Blitzer was worried just a couple of hours after yesterday’s van attack in Barcelona, Spain, which left at least 13 dead and over 100 injured.

16 Aug , 2017

At The Hill: The media couldn’t be more blatant in distorting Trump’s words on Charlottesville

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at The Hill about how the media is completely distorting what Trump has said about Charlottesville.  The piece starts this way:

Has the media ever so deliberately and consistently misinterpreted what a president said?

It certainly seems as if the media finally found its proof that President Trump is a racist.

14 Aug , 2017

At Fox News: The New York Times wants us to believe communists have better sex

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Fox News responding to the claims in the New York Times that communists in the former Soviet Union had better sex.  But the policies that the Soviet Union set up to weaken the family have a much darker side.  The move to single parent families also fits in with a large academic literature indicating everything from poor school performance to more crime.  …

14 Aug , 2017

In the Washington Times: Confirming Kevin Hassett to chair the Council of Economic Advisers is prudent and necessary

Kevin Hassett’s confirmation to chair the Council of Economic Advisers is important not just taxes but also for a whole range of other issues, including crime.  The Council of Economic Advisers touches on every issue that economists have done research on.  From the beginning of Dr. John Lott’s piece in the Washington Times:

Even if the Senate votes for confirmation on the very day that it returns from recess, a record 112 days will have passed since President Trump nominated Kevin Hassett to chair the Council of Economic Advisers.