14 Jun , 2018

At The Record (New Jersey): New NJ gun laws don’t make us safer

Dr. John Lott has an op-ed in The Record, New Jersey’s largest daily circulation newspaper.  The piece discusses New Jersey’s six new gun control laws.

The gun control bills that New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed this week won’t save lives. If anything, it will lead to more crime and death.

13 Jun , 2018

At The Hill: Democrats seek to restrict gun rights by targeting financial institutions

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at The Hill newspaper on how Democrats are trying to financially strangle the firearms industry. The piece starts this way:

If liberals can’t silence self-defense advocates or pass the gun control laws that they want, they will keep you from using your credit cards to buy guns or accessories.

2 Jun , 2018

At National Review: Look at the Parkland Killer. We know one cause of mass public shootings, they want to get publicity

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at National Review on why mass public shooters commit these horrible crimes.  The piece starts this way:

Ever wonder why mass public shooters commit their horrible crimes? Prosecutors in Broward County, Fla., released on Wednesday the Parkland high-school shooter’s cell-phone videos, in which he bragged, “It will be a big event, and when you see me on the news, you will all know who I am.”

What makes these mass public shooters different from most criminals is that they want glory and fame, and we need to stop giving it to them.

1 Jun , 2018

At The Hill: Little evidence to support the efficacy of more gun control

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at The Hill on the push for more gun control laws.  The piece starts this way:

Gun control advocates seem willing to latch onto anything they can use to justify more stringent laws. They were at it again in the wake of the recent Santa Fe High School shooting.

26 May , 2018

At the Daily Caller: What Is The Religion Of Mass Public Shooters?

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed at The Daily Caller on the religious views of those who commit mass public shootings.  The piece starts this way:

After the attack at the Santa Fe High School, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick denounced a loss of faith and religion in society. While the news media puts the lives of these mass public killers under a microscope, collecting any information that can be gleaned about their childhoods from their family and friends and social media history, researchers have ignored the religious views of these killers.

24 May , 2018

At The Hill Newspaper: Locking guns won’t do anything to save lives

UPDATED: At the end of this piece, we have included responses to an attack on Dr. Lott’s article.

ORIGINAL POST: Dr. John Lott has a new piece at The Hill newspaper on the current debate over whether people should lock up the guns in their homes.  The op-ed starts this way:

After Friday’s attack at Santa Fe High School, Texas Lt.


12 May , 2018

At National Review: Trump’s NRA Speech: A Response to the Fact-Checkers

Dr. John Lott has a piece at National Review that responds to some of the “Fact Checkers” who went after President Trump’s talk at the NRA Annual meeting.  The piece starts this way:


11 May , 2018

In the Baptist Record: “To arm, or not to arm”

Dr. Lott’s piece in The Baptist Record for the Mississippi Baptists is shown here (click on pictures to enlarge).

10 May , 2018

At Fox News: Media portrayal of gun ownership is inaccurate and biased

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Fox News on how television entertainment programs keep pushing for gun control. The piece starts this way:

The media’s pro-gun control bias doesn’t just distort news coverage. TV networks have used their primetime entertainment shows to portray gun rights advocates as dishonest, extremist and unconcerned about the loss of innocent lives.


4 May , 2018

At Fox News: Ahead of NRA speeches by Trump, Pence hypocritical media get it wrong on gun ban

Dr. John Lott has a new piece up at Fox News about the media attacks on the NRA and the Trump administration regarding their supposed hypocrisy over gun-free zones.  The piece starts here:

The news media love to criticize hypocrisy – at least by conservatives – even when it doesn’t exist.

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