10 Jan , 2019

In the Journal of Health Behavior Research on “Should schools have teachers carry guns?”

Dr. John Lott has a short piece on whether schools should allow teachers to carry guns in Health Behavior Research, a journal of the American Academy of Health Behavior. The paper can be downloaded here.


With 20 states having teachers and staff carrying guns to varying degrees on school property, we don’t need to guess how the policy would work.…

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1 Dec , 2018

Twelve States Mandate People can Carry Guns on College Campuses, 23 states leave it up to individual schools

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On Thursday, May 4th, 2017, Georgia became the 12th state to mandate that public universities allow people to carry guns on campus.  Following Arkansas, Georgia was the second state to pass campus carry in 2017.  Ten other states have done so: Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Tennessee (faculty and staff), Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.  …

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18 Nov , 2018

Illinois Association of School Boards barely defeats arming teachers 53% to 47%

On Saturday, November 17, 2018, the Illinois Association of School Boards barely defeats arming teachers 53% to 47%.

Members of the Illinois Association of School Boards voted Saturday against a resolution that would give school districts the option to train and arm staff.

The resolution failed 203-179. . . .

The resolution was mostly supported by rural districts that were concerned about emergency response time and their ability to hire resource officers, the statement said.

17 May , 2018

Two recent cases where school resource officers have stopped mass public shootings

Over the last two months, what would have been mass public shootings at schools in Illinois and Maryland were stopped by armed school resource officers.  Of course, this should be three cases in a row. While Broward Deputy Scot Peterson arrived at the building one minute after the attack started, it was another 10 minutes before any officers attempted to enter the building.…

24 Apr , 2018

Why we should have armed teachers

Should teachers and staff at schools be armed?  John Stossel and producer Maxim Lott made a video analyzing that question, and used CPRC research to do so.

More information on concealed handguns at schools is available here.  There are a couple of nitpicking points to make about the video.  The accidental discharge in California occurred at a firearms training class outside of normal school hours.  …

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20 Mar , 2018

When teachers have been given a chance to learn how to carry a concealed handgun, many have jumped at the chance

Three or four teachers and staff carrying at schools would probably be enough to protect most schools.  Time after time comments are made that teachers are just unwilling to carry.  Yet, every time free classes are offered for teachers, more want to take the classes than there is available space.

The latest example is from Michigan.…


9 Mar , 2018

Parkland School attack started at 2:21 PM, ended at 2:27 PM, officers entered building at 2:32 PM

The Miami Herald has this description of the incredibly slow response from the Broward Sheriff’s office.  While Broward Deputy Scot Peterson arrived at the building one minute after the attack started, it was another 10 minutes before any officers attempted to enter the building.  From the Miami Herald:

Cruz was dropped off at the school by an Uber at 2:19 p.m.

9 Mar , 2018

States that allow teachers and school staff to carry guns

UPDATED: October 8, 2018 (ORIGINAL March 7, 2018): After the Parkland, Florida high school shooting, a number of states have considered allowing teachers and staff to carry concealed handguns.  The obvious question is how has it worked in the states that allow guns to be carried.  For example, here is information on accidental shootings and insurance premiums after they allow teachers to carry.  …

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5 Mar , 2018

Florida Senate votes to arm teachers

Florida Senate votes to arm teachers, but this would be by far the most restrictive law in terms of the amount of training required by any of the 25 states that allow staff and teachers to carry.  The 144 hours of training is 3.6 times more than in the next most restrictive state, South Dakota, which requires 40 hours of training.  …

25 Feb , 2018

Three Sheriff’s Deputies at the Florida High School waited outside during attack, also the down side to having locked doors

Police are extremely important in stopping crime, but they usually don’t arrive on the scene while the crime is occurring.  Unfortunately, there are a couple cases where they could have been on the scene and chose not to do so.  Broward County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Scot Peterson wasn’t the only police officer who refused to enter the Stoneman Douglas High School.  …