At Fox News: How Bloomberg’s 2015 Racist Remarks Are Riddled With Inaccuracies

17 Feb , 2020   Video

Dr. John Lott talked to Harris Faulkner on Fox News (Tueaday, February 11, 2020, from 1:15 to 1:20 PM) about Bloomberg’s claim:

“95 percent of your murders — murderers and murder victims fit one M.O. You can just take the description, Xerox it, and pass it out to all the cops.

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Michael Bloomberg: “it’s the job of law enforcement to have guns and to decide when to shoot,” not the “average citizen”

2 Feb , 2020   Video

After the West Freeway Church of Christ shooting near Fort Worth, where concealed handgun permit holders stopped a mass public shooting, Michael Bloomberg warned that the average citizen shouldn’t be carrying guns.

“It may be true that someone in the congregation had his own gun and killed the person who murdered two other people.



New York Times reporter demonstrates the anti-self-defense political bias in the media

19 Oct , 2019  

A New York Times reporter, Ted Alcorn, who used to be the research director for Mike Bloomberg’s Everytown is all excited that there is a big push for more gun control. It is interesting that he secretly subscribes to our email list.

Note political bias:

— Refers to the “gun lobby,” put aside that his old boss spent massively more money on politics

— Personal attack

Are either of these appropriate for a reporter or for someone who is teaching at the Columbia School of Public Health?…



Democratic Pollster Doug Schoen explains why gun control will be the unifying theme for Democrats in the 2020 election

22 May , 2019  

If you ever wonder why Michael Bloomberg is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into gun control research at the same time that he spent $110 million last year on Congressional races and even more on state legislative races, this article by Democrat pollster Doug Schoen provides an explanation. Bloomberg understands that he just can’t focus on politics, but that he also has to focus on changing people’s views on guns.…



Senior staff links their work at Dick’s to gun control advocacy, “Dick’s Sporting Goods Sales Hit by Tougher Stance on Guns,”

17 Dec , 2018  

While other outlets such as Walmart haven’t seen a slow down in gun sales, the same thing wasn’t true about Dick’s Sporting Goods after their decision to hire lobbyists for gun control. During the spring, this became public:

The sporting-goods chain is working with three lobbyists from the Glover Park Group to take on the topic, Bloomberg reported Thursday, citing a disclosure form filed late last month.



Bloomberg’s Everytown Spending $5.8 million to defeat Congresswoman Karen Handel in Georgia

25 Oct , 2018  

Congresswoman Karen Handel is facing a challenge from Lucy McBath, but she is facing some pretty incredible campaign spending numbers. Year to date donations by Bloomberg’s Everytown for this race.

Canal Partners Media: $1,840,250.00

Siegel Strategies, LLC: $1,959,907.81

The Pivot Group, Inc.: $1,938,907.81

Bully Pulpit Interactive, LLC: $45,500.00

Total: $5,782,564

This is an incredible about of money for Bloomberg to put into one race.…



Who are Gun Control advocates targeting the most in the House of Representatives?

6 Oct , 2018  

We have previously noted that Everytown for Gun Safety is putting $5 million into 15 House races. The big dollars from Bloomberg are being funneled through Giffords PAC
Giffords PAC Independent Expenditures
1) Jason Lewis (MN 2nd Congressional District)
First-term incumbent Jason Lewis (R) of Minnesota’s Second Congressional district. His $1.36 million in the bank is matched just by Giffords’ gun control organization, which is putting $1.3 million into the race against him.



Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown spending $5 million on 15 Congressional races to flip control to the Democrats

26 Sep , 2018  

Michael Bloomberg’s gun control Everytown is already investing heavily in the midterm elections, but they announced another $5 million in 15 House races. There is a normal wave for the party that doesn’t hold the presidency. Bloomberg’s Everytown and the media is likely to interpret any pick up by the Democrats as a win for gun control advocates.…



Michael Bloomberg moving to run for President?

26 Jun , 2018  

Michael Bloomberg is giving strong signals he will run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 at age 78. Bloomberg is getting a lot of IOUs from Democrats.  He is putting $80 million this year to help Democrats take control of Congress. He is putting tens of millions to help Democrats take state legislatures and governors.…


Michael Bloomberg announces pouring at least $80 million in 2018 House elections to make Democrat Majority

20 Jun , 2018  

Michael Bloomberg “has approved a plan to pour at least $80 million into the 2018 election” to give Democrats control of the US House of Representatives. Note this doesn’t include money Bloomberg is putting in pushing gun control issues.

This reminds us of Robert Reich’s recent claims about NRA campaign spending: “The National Rifle Association is a special interest group with a stranglehold on the Republican Party.