Defensive Gun Use

What clearly would have been a mass public shooting in Louisiana was stopped by multiple armed civilians

22 Feb , 2021  

Having murdered two people and wounded a couple of others, it is clear that the attacker intended to kill as many people as possible. The quick response by people with concealed handgun permits stopped the attack.

A person entered a gun store and shooting range in a New Orleans suburb and fatally shot two people Saturday, prompting customers and staff to open fire on the shooter, a sheriff said.

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Defensive Gun Use

Armed Citizens help stop attack on Las Vegas Police Officer

8 Feb , 2021   Video

“I would like to take a moment to remind everyone the dangers of this job, of being a police officer,” said a representative for LVMPD during a press briefing from the scene, “and to thank good citizens that step up and help us in our time of need.”

Joyce Lupiani, “Police: Officer, citizens shoot man after alleged screwdriver attack near gun range,” KTNV Channel 13 (Las Vegas), February 3, 2021.

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Defensive Gun Use

Defensive Gun Use: Woman wounds stepfather who is attacking her mother with a wrench

31 Jan , 2021  

Navy Captain Henry Herbig IV clearly planned to murder his estranged wife and stepdaughter. His plans had been carefully written out in extensive notes left in his car. But Herbig’s plans didn’t work out has he thought.

But Herbig never got a chance to fully carry out his plan of murdering them both, dumping their bodies, and using chemicals to help speed up the decomposition process.


Defensive Gun Use

Defensive Gun Uses Where People Legally Carrying Concealed Guns Have Stopped Crime, Cases From Early January to Late January 2020

18 Jan , 2021  

Mammoth Lakes, CA, January 6, 2020 (Mammoth Time, KIBS/KBOV

The shooting occurred on the evening of Jan. 6 when an armed, out-of-area man tried to rob a local man who was parked at the gas station. However, the local man, whose name is still being withheld, was carrying a permitted concealed weapon and returned fire.

Defensive Gun Use

Defensive Gun Uses Where People Legally Carrying Concealed Guns Have Stopped Crime, Cases From Early December to Late December 2019

6 Jan , 2021  

San Antonio, TX, December 1, 2019

Police said the owner caught the suspect, who is in his 50s, trying to steal property behind the business.

The store owner grabbed his gun and confronted the suspect, according to a sergeant at the scene.

An altercation occurred and the store owner shot the suspected burglar in the leg.

Defensive Gun Use

Chicago armed robbery thwarted as gun owner with concealed-carry permit kills suspect

27 Dec , 2020   Video

Another of our collection of concealed handgun permit holders who have stopped violent crime.

A man was shot and killed while trying to rob a cell phone store in Chicago on Saturday, police said.

The would-be robber entered the cell phone shop on the 3400 hundred block of West Chicago Avenue in Humboldt Park around 7 p.m.

Defensive Gun Use

Defensive Gun Uses Where People Legally Carrying Concealed Guns Have Stopped Crime, Cases From Mid to Late November 2019

26 Dec , 2020  

Austin, TX, November 16, 2019

An Uber Eats driver is counting his blessings after he and a wanna-be robber drew guns on each other while he was on a delivery….

Once he’d made the delivery and turned to walk back to his car, the driver saw a man standing ‘aggressively’ and very close behind him.

Defensive Gun Use, Featured

Defensive Gun Uses where people legally carrying concealed guns have stopped crime, cases from late September to mid October 2019

6 Nov , 2020  

Nicholasville, Ky, September 23, 2019

According to police, a pizza delivery driver turned the tables on some would-be robbers by pulling out his own weapon and trading shots with them in Nicholasville.
This happened outside of the Nicholasville Comfort Inn shortly after 8:30 p.m. on Saturday.
Police said an adult and a minor attempted to rob the Domino’s driver at gunpoint when the driver pulled out his own gun.

Defensive Gun Use, Featured

Ten cases over the last few years where people have had to fire ten or more shots in self defense

22 Oct , 2020  

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but here are ten cases where law-abiding citizens, some of them concealed handgun permit holders fired at least 10 shots in self-defense.

A dozen shots fired, Columbus, Georgia, October 17, 2016

A Columbus homeowner opened fire on four men burglarizing his McNeese Drive home Monday afternoon, hitting at least one suspect, police say.

Defensive Gun Use

Woman with a permitted concealed handgun apprehends 29-year-old man who stabbed 85-year-old at shopping center

29 Sep , 2020  

This incident occurred in Adrian, Michigan.

. . . officers found the victim between the automotive and sporting goods section, having been stabbed multiple times in the head and neck. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police were able to take the suspect into custody without incident.

The suspect was a 29-year-old man from Adrian, according to a news release.