4 Jun , 2019

Media Bias on Guns: Will Television Characters ever stop saying how much they dislike/hate guns?

A Shield agent, Melinda May (played by Ming-Na Wen), is asked by a villain whether she doesn’t have a gun because she also doesn’t like guns. May responds that she has never needed them in fighting bad guys.

Examples from television where the characters say that they “hate” guns include here, here, here, here, and here.…


2 Jun , 2019

Media Bias on Guns: See how badly things go if you use guns to defend yourself?

The video here shows a very small part of a segment from Doctor Who, which shows how badly things go wrong when you use guns to try to neutralize deadly threats. Here is a paragraph from a review in IndieWire which briefly summarizes the whole segment (copyright restrictions prevented us from showing you more of this show):

“Ryan is also the means by which the show makes a very clear but rather unsubtle anti-gun declaration.


27 May , 2019

Media Bias on Guns: Yet another TV show where a character insists that they don’t like guns

TV shows frequently have characters insisting that they don’t like guns. At the beginning of the first episode on CBS’s Elementary in Season 7, one of the main characters makes a similar comment.

Joan Watson (played by Lucy Liu): “Just because I am an American doesn’t mean I like guns.”

(Elementary, S7 E1, May 23, 2019)

Other examples where television characters say that they don’t like guns can be seen here, here, and here.…


15 Apr , 2019

At Townhall.com: The Second Amendment Stories the National Media Fail to Report…or Get Completely Wrong

Dr. John Lott has a new piece on mass public shootings that have been stopped by concealed handgun permit holders. The piece starts this way:

Did you hear about this case? A man went into a dentist’s office, killed a woman, and took aim at others before being wounded by a concealed handgun permit holder.


22 Mar , 2019

Television Show Bias on gun control: Chicago PD investigates a gun show selling untraceable machine guns

Chicago PD goes to a gun show in neighboring Wisconsin to find someone who is making “Cop Killer Machine Guns.” The machine guns are said to be “untraceable” and made by an underground machine shop. The notion that criminals readily obtain guns at gun shows is simply false. Gun shows account for less than one percent of crime guns (in 2016, the rate was 0.8%).…


17 Mar , 2019

Television Show Bias against guns: Even a locked gun safe doesn’t stop a son from getting the father’s gun

On CBS’s FBI, a seventeen-year-old steals his father’s gun from a locked gun safe at home and attempts a mass public shooting. The message is parents should be afraid of guns in the home even if they are locked in a safe. Others would support banning guns in the home. Since this type of event is indeed possible, this wouldn’t obviously show​ bias by itself, but CBS’s FBI has no offsetting examples of civilian-owned guns being beneficial.…


12 Mar , 2019

Television Show Bias on gun control: ABC’s The Rookie makes civilians using guns to protect themselves as dangerous and bigoted

This episode of the Rookie makes it look as if civilians who use guns to defend themselves and their families as dangerous and bigoted (S1, E11). This is not the first time this show has attacked private gun ownership (e.g., see here). For other examples of media bias against guns in other TV shows see here.…


26 Feb , 2019

Television Show Bias on gun control: CBS’ SWAT on a Dangerous Gay Gun Rights Club

After two gays are injured in a hit-and-run car attack, CBS’ SWAT (Season 2, episode 16) shows another gay take a right-wing radio show host and his staff hostage because the radio show host has been very hostile to gays. The hostage taker threatens to kill the host and his hostages if there are “any acts of hate” directed against gays.…


21 Feb , 2019

CBS’ Bull warning that “everyone and their uncle has a gun” in this country and that is what makes it so dangerous

CBS’ Bull (Season 3, episode 12) is about a man in witness protection who has been murdered. The government is being sued for not properly protecting the man, and their initial defense is that the murder had nothing to do with him being in witness protection. The wife of the murdered man is shown in the clip where she is complaining about the risk of being shot to death in the United States, as she says “everyone and their uncle has a gun” in this country and that is what makes it so dangerous.…


17 Feb , 2019

Why do Democrats keep pushing Universal Background Checks as a way to stop Mass Public Shootings?

Rep. Lucy McBath (D-GA) pushes gun background checks on private transfers because “We Could Have Parkland at Any Time,” but there is not 1 mass public shooting this century that would have been stopped by this law. So why do gun controllers keep pushing it as a solution?

As usual, this interviewer on CNN refuses to ask a tough question.…

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