Media Bias on Guns: See how badly things go if you use guns to defend yourself?

2 Jun , 2019   Video

The video here shows a very small part of a segment from Doctor Who, which shows how badly things go wrong when you use guns to try to neutralize deadly threats. Here is a paragraph from a review in IndieWire which briefly summarizes the whole segment (copyright restrictions prevented us from showing you more of this show):

Ryan is also the means by which the show makes a very clear but rather unsubtle anti-gun declaration. Despite the Doctor’s protests that guns do no good, Ryan rushes the robot guards and blasts them with a gun he picks up. But he’s of course outnumbered, and the robots are able to revive within seconds, which makes his hotheaded run exacerbate the situation. ‘Now see what I don’t like about guns?’ the Doctor asks before she implements her EMP plan. ‘See? Brains beat bullets!’ The scene is played for laughs, but the message is clear.”

Recent examples from television where the characters (including TV police characters) say that they “hate”/”dislike” guns can be seen: herehere, hereherehere, here, here, here, and here.

(Sunday, October 14, 2018, Season 11, Episode 2)

For other examples of television bias against guns, see here.

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