TV Bias on Guns: ABC’s The Crossing with young boy saying “I don’t like guns”

Apr 17, 2018 | Featured

Media bias on guns takes many forms. Here is an all too typical example where a character simply comes out and says: “I don’t like guns.” Here the sheriff’s young son is talking to a deputy who jokingly says that the boy could one day be sheriff. When the boy says “I don’t like guns,” the deputy reacts awkwardly.

A fairly famous example of this bias occurred in CBS’s MacGyver. The titular character hated guns.

More examples of TV show bias against guns can be seen here.

(Monday, April 16, 2018, Season 1, Episode 3)



  1. Chris Bennett

    Normal boys do not like guns.

    They love them!

  2. DIYinSTL

    Also, “The Blacklist” episode “The Invisible Hand” (S5/E13, first aired 07 February) was obviously “helped” by Bloomberg’s organization to insert anti-gun lines into movie and TV scripts; you can tell by the awkward, childish writing. The message here was to re-introduce the false idea of the Saturday Night Special and misrepresent the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Dialog to the soon to be victim of a vigilante group: “You make the cheapest handguns on the market today. You flood poor cities with guns that have no value to anyone but criminals. Your sales drive up homicide rates. You profit off misery. That’s blood money Tim. … in fact the law prevents gun makers like you from being sued.” No doubt that Democrats, always quick to support Jim Crow laws, cheered when Tim was buried alive. Later an FBI agent says of the “controversial” gun manufacturer: “That’s whose in the shallow grave? Tim Gorman the businessman who makes guns a fifth the price of an iPhone?” Even the surname, Gore-Man, is a heavy handed slap in the face of gun rights.