Media Bias on Guns: Worried that character might be suicidal and only concern is if he has a gun

30 Jun , 2019   Video

When informed that a former police officer is suffering from PTSD and might be having trouble, Jon Michael Hill, who plays Detective Marcus Bell, asks: “Are any of his guns missing?” The former officer’s wife responds by saying: “He doesn’t have any, not any more.” The notion seems to be that once all the guns are removed there isn’t a problem. The notion that there are a lots of close substitute ways to commit suicide never seems to have cross the script writers’ minds.

TV shows frequently have characters insisting that they don’t like guns. At the beginning of the sixth episode on CBS’s Elementary in Season 7, one of the characters again makes a similar comment. The wife of a man who is missing says that her husband: “couldn’t stand the sight of guns, hasn’t touched once since.”

Recent examples from television where the characters (including TV police characters) say that they “hate”/”dislike” guns can be seen: herehere, hereherehere, here, here, here, and here.

(Elementary, S7 E6, June 27, 2019)




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