Biden Administration sues Sheetz convenience store chain for running criminal background checks on employees to determine who to hire. If background checks are so discriminatory, why does Biden want to use them as is for gun purchases?

Apr 26, 2024 | background checks

The Sheetz convenience store chain has been hit with a lawsuit by federal officials who allege the company discriminated against minority job applicants.

Sheetz Inc., which operates more than 700 stores in six states, discriminated against Black, Native American and multiracial job seekers by automatically weeding out applicants whom the company deemed to have failed a criminal background check, according to U.S. officials. . . .

Sheetz said Thursday that it “does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.” . . .

Federal officials said they do not allege Sheetz was motivated by racial animus, but take issue with the way the chain uses criminal background checks to screen job seekers. The company was sued under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits workplace discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion and national origin.

“Federal law mandates that employment practices causing a disparate impact because of race or other protected classifications must be shown by the employer to be necessary to ensure the safe and efficient performance of the particular jobs at issue,” EEOC attorney Debra M. Lawrence said in a statement. . . .

Associated Press, “Convenience store chain with hundreds of outlets in 6 states hit with discrimination lawsuit,” Associated Press, April 20, 2024.

If criminal background checks are so discriminatory that companies are not allowed to use them for employees, why do Democrats who claim that they care about minorities use them for gun purchases? If you support background checks on gun purchases, including nonviolent crimes, because people with criminal records are more likely to commit crimes in the future, why doesn’t that apply to firms that don’t want employees who might be more likely to steal or commit other crimes on the job?


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  1. Janis G Chester, M.D.

    Dear Dr. Lott,
    The O’Biden administrations says background checks are racist because blacks, Native Americans and multiracial people are over represented compared to their percentage of the general population. This raises an interesting question: are demographics available for NICS results? Are any racial groups over represented in those who get yellow and/or red lights on the check? If so, that might be a great way to get rid of them…