13 Oct , 2015

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CPRC in the News: News Coverage from around the US

Washington Post, October 8, 2015

But pro-gun-rights economist John Lott Jr. wrote in his 2003 book, “The Bias Against Guns,” that states with conceal-and-carry laws did have lower firearm murder and injury rates. He’s also argued that guns can be a powerful deterrent: A research paper of his cites a 1986 survey in which 56 percent of felons across 10 state prisons said they would not attack a potential victim known to be armed.

6 Oct , 2015

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Other news coverage of the CPRC

October 5, 2015

Even if Clinton’s proposals were implemented, writes Fox News’ John R. Lott, they wouldn’t have stopped the Umpqua attack last week, nor the mass public shootings throughout Obama’s presidency. Lott argues that government databases used for background checks are “rife with errors” and repealing immunity for gun manufacturers would usher in unfair lawsuits that raise the price of guns “for protection.” Clinton’s proposals, concludes Lott, do not “address the obvious problem of gun-free zones and will ultimately make Americans less safe.” .

5 Oct , 2015

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CPRC’s Research Discussed Twice in the Washington Post

Glenn Kessler had this Fact-check article on Obama’s statements on guns last week:

Gun rights advocates have disputed some of National Journal’s criteria as arbitrary and haphazard. John R. Lott Jr., a gun rights analyst, noted that California, Illinois, and Washington are coded by National Journal as states without “stand your ground” laws — which permit the use of deadly force in self-defense in public.

2 Oct , 2015

CPRC in the New York Daily News on the Oregon Shooting

From the New York Daily News:

John Lott Jr., president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, pointed to the fact that none of the security guards at the college were armed, hinting the attack could have been stopped in its tracks if they had weapons. He made a similar argument after four Marines and a sailor were killed in the June attack on two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tenn.

22 Sep , 2015


CPRC’s research cited in lawsuit to allow permitted concealed handguns on University of Missouri property

The Columbian Missourian has this story on the lawsuit:

A law professor has filed suit against the . . . MU policy that prohibits concealed weapons on campus infringes on his constitutional rights. . . .

Bukowsky’s petition sites statistics from John R. Lott’s book, “More Guns Less Crime,” which she said shows a trend of states allowing concealed weapons on college campuses.


20 Sep , 2015

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CRPC on the front page of the El Paso Times

The piece on the front page of the El Paso Times discusses John Lott’s talk in El Paso this coming Saturday morning.

. . . Lott, an author, professor, commentator and Fox News columnist, is founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center, an organization that focuses on conducting research between laws regulating gun ownership, crime and public safety.

19 Sep , 2015

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CPRC in newspapers and other media around the country over the last few weeks

Here are some other pieces that mention our research.

Charlotte Observer, NC (September 2, 2015):

. . . As Crime Prevention Research Center director John Lott notes, with only two exceptions, all of the mass shootings in the U.S. since 1958 have occurred in the ostensibly “gun-free” victim disarmament zones. .

17 Sep , 2015

Orange County Register

Orange County Register explaining evidence on “More guns, less crime”

From Adam Summers, a columnist for the Orange County Register (September 16):

. . . One of the primary ways gun laws in much of the country have been loosened is through the easing of restrictions on carrying a concealed weapon. A number of states no longer require a government permit at all.

15 Sep , 2015

Republican Presidential Candidates 2015

CPRC in the Washington Times: Talking about the presidential candidates views on guns

The article from the Washington Times contains this (September 15, 2015):

. . . The 2016 GOP field is among the most staunchly pro-gun of any in recent political history, but there are still divisions among the hopefuls, analysts and gun rights advocates say.

The major candidates range from those who see firearms as fundamentally connected to freedom, to those who promote guns as critical for self-protection, to those who have only recently evolved into Second Amendment defenders, said John R.

22 Aug , 2015

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CPRC in newspapers and other media around the country over the last month

We don’t usually keep track of the local media coverage the CPRC receives or even all the national coverage, but here are some examples of the type of media coverage that the CPRC has received over the past month.  Of course, John Stossel’s recent column on the CPRC was picked up in dozens of newspapers across the US.  …