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On OAN’s The Ledger Report: Professor Luis Locay discusses CPRC founder Dr. John Lott’s research on election fraud during the 2020 Presidential Election

1 Jan , 2021   Video

Our earlier research in August showed how the vast majority European and developed countries ban absentee ballots for citizens living in their country. While Dr. Lott is no longer with the CPRC, he has released new research while he is at the US Department of Justice that builds on that earlier work and provides empirical evidence of the extent of vote fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Dr. Lott has restrictions on talking to the press, so One America News had on another academic, Professor Luis Locay at the University of Miami, discuss this work on vote fraud.

From One America News:

It is statistically improbable, if not impossible, for the vote results in Georgia and Pennsylvania to have occurred in the manner they did. John Lott has a bombshell report on this and his surrogate, Economics professor at the University of Miami, Luis Locay, offers his peer review of the research. It’s such an anti-constitutional ending to an anti-constitutional year replete with merciless and baseless attacks on President Trump. Graham Ledger looks back at the hyper-constitutional year, 2020, through the eyes of Donald Trump.

The Ledger Report with Graham Ledger, “The Ledger Report 1093 Bombshell Empirical Investigation into 2020 Voter Fraud that the media will ignore,” YouTube, December 30, 2020.

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