The Crime Prevention Research Center in Politico: Whose policies are actual the racist ones?

Jul 29, 2020 | Featured, Media Bias, Media Coverage

The Politico belittles President Trump’s attempts to protect people and federal property against the riots as “Theater.” They describe the discussion as “Now President Donald Trump is indulging the dream more than any national leader in recent history, attempting to turn a major liberal city into an election-year example of his pledge to deliver law and order across the country.” No notion that Trump might actually be concerned about the safety of Americans, particularly black Americans who are being harmed by these riots. Dr. Lott tried to make this point in talking to the reporters at Politico.

It is too bad that there wasn’t a chance to go through how the politicians in Chicago have made it very difficult for police to do their job (see our discussions here, here, and here).

“If I were mayor of Chicago, I would be begging the president to help me out here in terms of providing more resources” to control gun violence, said John Lott, a prominent conservative gun researcher frequently cited by the National Rifle Association.

Lott, president of the pro-gun Crime Prevention Research Center, accused city leadership of years of neglect due to “politically correct” restrictions, budget reductions and cuts to the police force, leading to lower conviction rates for murders and fewer disincentives against crime. And he said Trump’s overtures should be welcomed.

“I wouldn’t be yelling at him and calling him a racist for trying to help, because the people that are having their lives destroyed are poor Blacks,” Lott said.

Shia Kapos and Tina Nguyen, “Chicago becomes a stage for fulfilling a conservative battle,” Politico, July 29, 2020.

This article was also picked up by other media outlets such as Yahoo News!

We talked to John Lott, a prominent conservative gun researcher, anti-gun 

Shia Kapos, “Illinois Playbook,” Politico, July 29, 2020.