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Nikki Goeser on Gun Freedom Radio: Do Victims Even Have Rights?

24 Feb , 2021   Video

February 12, 2021


Gun Free Zones

Nikki Goeser “Stalked and Defenseless” Joins IFC Panel Discussion on Gun-Free Zones

19 Feb , 2021   Video

February 1, 2021

CPRC’s Nikki Goeser, author of “Stalked and Defenseless: How Gun Control Helped My Stalker Murder My Husband in Front of Me” speaks with a panel of Legislators and IFC about the tragedy she experienced as her husband, Ben, was gunned down in front of her in a “Gun Free Zone” by a man who was stalking her.…



On Armed American Radio: Nikki Goeser discusses Tennessee’s Life-long Order of Protection Bill

7 Feb , 2021  

February 3, 2021 4:32pm-4:58pm



On Armed American Radio: Nikki Goeser discusses being harassed by her husband’s murderer from prison and what she has done about it

1 Feb , 2021  

January 31, 2021

The CPRC’s Executive Director Nikki Goeser talks about her husband’s murderer harassing her from prison and her fight for justice.


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Mother Jones lists CPRC President John Lott as the 5th worst “Lackey” left behind by the Trump Administration

1 Feb , 2021  

Mother Jones has never been know for its accuracy, and it surely isn’t going to start now. In a new article on February 1st titled, “Trump May Be Gone, But He Left Plenty of Lackeys Behind. Here Are Some of the Worst. How last-minute appointments will keep Trump’s stench alive,” Mother Jones lists CPRC President John Lott as the 5th worst “Lackey” left behind by the Trump Administration.…

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Media Bias

More Television Show Bias on Guns: CBS’s Coyote shows criminals in the U.S. using machine guns in multiple episodes

23 Jan , 2021   Video

Headline in Variety: “Gabby Giffords Is Hoping Hollywood Can Help in Her Fight Against Gun Violence.” As Giffords explains:

Stories are important. Elected officials use them to help get their points across, and for centuries artists have used them to inspire, make us understand points of view different than our own and bring people together.

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Fox News: Behind Nikki Goeser’s ongoing harassment from her husband’s jailed killer

20 Jan , 2021  

The power of prisoner rights groups is on full display right now in an ongoing battle with the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC). Our Nikki Goeser is fighting with TDOC to get them to remove the good time early release credits granted to the man who murdered her husband as he has continued to stalk and threaten her from prison.…


Defensive Gun Use

Defensive Gun Uses Where People Legally Carrying Concealed Guns Have Stopped Crime, Cases From Early January to Late January 2020

18 Jan , 2021  

Mammoth Lakes, CA, January 6, 2020 (Mammoth Time, KIBS/KBOV

The shooting occurred on the evening of Jan. 6 when an armed, out-of-area man tried to rob a local man who was parked at the gas station. However, the local man, whose name is still being withheld, was carrying a permitted concealed weapon and returned fire.

technology and crime

How Technology Helped Solve Crime: Locking a car thief in a car, Saving a woman from a rapist, solving a murder, and solving a hit-and-run

17 Jan , 2021  

Technology doesn’t always protect citizens. In 2019, Apple pulled an App that allowed demonstrators to monitor the Hong Kong Police. Law enforcement can obtain Ring doorbell video without a warrant. While Amazon is doing that to help stop crime, there are real privacy issues should the government ever abuse that process.…