4 Sep , 2015

11 year old fatally shoots 16 yr old intruder, 2 intruders

11-year-old fatally shoots one of two intruders who broke into home, saves his 4-year-old sister

A 16-year-old who broke into the home on his third attempt was shot and killed by an 11-year-old inside the home.  Fox News has this:

An 11-year-old Missouri boy shot and killed a 16-year-old boy during an attempted home invasion Thursday afternoon, St. Louis County police said.

Police said two suspects tried to break into the home north of downtown St.


3 Sep , 2015

CCW permit holder's car shot up by armed robber

Concealed handgun permit holder wounds armed teenager who was trying to rob him, permit holder feared that he would be shot


ABC TV WXYZ Channel 7 in Detroit (video available here):

Angela Lanier tells 7 Action News her 24-year-old son Joe fired his gun when the teenager tried robbing him while he was sitting in his car. She says he was on the job as an exterminator when the teenager pulled a gun on him .

28 Aug , 2015

Burglarly suspect Paster OK

Concealed handgun permit holders stop crimes in Oklahoma and Canton, Ohio

The Oklahoman on a paster shooting someone who broke into his church in Oklahoma City:

The pastor of a northeast Oklahoma City church shot at a man Wednesday after the man burglarized the church, Oklahoma City police said. Police arrested a man shortly afterward. . . .

Oklahoma City police Lt.

25 Aug , 2015

KSNV burglary 2

14-year-old saves his twin younger brothers as two young men break into home

From KSNV (News channel 3 in Las Vegas, video available at link):

. . . Two young men are caught on surveillance video breaking in to Kieawa Mason’s home.

His 14-year-old son, Andrew, and his younger twins were the only ones home. Andrew and his siblings were trained not to answer when anyone knocked.

2 Aug , 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 11.40.55 AM

Dramatic video of store owner using an “assault weapon” to defend his store against 3 armed robbers

The video of this dramatic defensive gun use is available here.  This story is from a local television station in Milwaukee.

WISN 12 News has obtained surveillance video of a Milwaukee man defending his store against brazen would-be burglars who smashed into his business.

It happened earlier this month at Bouchard’s at North Martin Luther King Drive and Meinecke Avenue.

27 Jul , 2015


Permit holder saves family of 4 that man was shooting at

Thomas McCary (Hamilton County sheriff’s office)

Fox 19 in Cincinnati, Ohio originally reported this story from Winton Hills, Ohio.  Fox News has this:

[Thomas] McCary [62-years-old] was arguing with a woman around 8 p.m. Sunday night and, when the woman’s brother, Patrick Ewing, approached, McCary pulled out a .38-caliber handgun and fired three shots at him, Cincinnati police said.

21 Jul , 2015

72 year old woman uses gun to stop attackers

CPRC at Fox News: “Older people need guns, too”

John Lott’s newest piece at Fox News starts this way:

Have you ever thought of letting someone else manage your finances?  If President Obama has his way, Social Security recipients who have trouble managing their finances will be banned from buying a gun.

If Social Security were to start classifying these people as “mentally defective,” some 4.2 million Social Security recipients could be affected – about 10 percent of all people 65 and older.


7 Jul , 2015

Nashville DGU

Within just a few hours, concealed Handgun Permit Holders Defend Themselves in Nashville, TN; Birmingham, AL; and Richland, SC

Nashville, TN, July 6, 2015

. . . . 74-year-old Larry Dean Claybaker was getting into his car at the intersection of Lafayette Street and Fairfield Avenue when two teens tried to rob him around 10 p.m.

The teens allegedly took his cellphone and told him to get out of his car, which is when Claybaker reached into his pocket and pulled out a semi-automatic pistol, firing one round at each suspect.

2 Jul , 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at  Thursday, July 2, 1.08 AM

Concealed carry permit holder stops late night armed robber at Albuquerque Hotel

This case is getting some attention because Lynne Russell was such a public figure for so long.  But these types of dramatic stories, where as Russell says that her husband’s fast actions clear “saved her life,” are hardly unusual (see also here).   From Fox News:

. . . Former CNN and Headline News anchor Lynne Russell and her husband, former CNN reporter Chuck de Caro, were involved in a fatal shooting at an Albuquerque, New Mexico, motel, police told NBC News on Wednesday.

30 Jun , 2015

Uber Driver

Uber driver uses permitted concealed handgun to stop passenger from straggling him

An Über driver, Steven Rayow, a retired New York City police officer, used his permitted concealed handgun to stop a passenger from strangling him.  Rayow shot the passenger in the foot when he thought that he was about to lose consciousness.  The case occurred in Clearwater Beach, Florida.  Uber just recently banned both drivers and passengers and from carrying guns.…