Another Mass Public shooting in yet another gun-free zone: Chicago’s Mercy Hospital

Nov 19, 2018 | Featured

A police officer and two others were murdered at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital today. One person was killed outside the hospital and the other two were killed inside it. The killer, Juan Lopez, was himself killed, though it isn’t yet clear if he took his own life or was killed by police.

Unfortunately, this attack occurred in yet another gun-free zone. Permitted concealed handguns are banned in public or private hospital or hospital affiliate, mental health facility or nursing home. In 2014, there was an attack that likely would have turned out the same way if a doctor at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Derby, Pennsylvania hadn’t been carrying his permitted concealed handgun.

Yet, the media refuses to point out that this was yet another attack that occurred in a gun-free zone. As usual, we could not find a single news story that mentioned this attack occurred where people were not allowed to have guns for protection. The media focused on such things as the type of gun was used (e.g., a handgun here and here).

Ironically, NBC’s Taken tried to convince viewers that gun-free zones at hospitals are fine, that criminals will obey them.

Technically this attack doesn’t meet the traditional FBI definition of a mass public shooting because fewer than four people were killed.


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  1. Dwight M. Creech

    When elitist politicians are willing to go their way without personal protection, in their homes and in public, then we will know that they believe in their form of common sense.
    These liberal political leaders are products of the state government education system (the anti-God state church of secular humanism) that espouses the viewpoint that they have arrived at the zenith of the evolutionary process of intellectual development. These people are so engulfed in their own goodness and wisdom that they have become unteachable. These are those that actually believe that their superiority is deserving of the reservoir of the public treasury, as the means of financing their own will being done. There is no allegiance to the United States Constitution, or to truly representative government. Bottom up government presupposes the wisdom of the people and the document that provides fixity to their God given unalienable rights. The Second Amendment is the wisdom of our fathers to hold in check these “wondering stars” afloat in a universe the size of their rootless imagination.
    Until the plant bed of this liberalism is recognized (the public education system and their bus ministry), there is no remedy for the ignorance of true American history and the basis for our way of life. Education must be returned to the private sector where the Christian viewpoint has free course.


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