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The Crime Prevention Research Center in Politico: Whose policies are actual the racist ones?

29 Jul , 2020  

The Politico belittles President Trump’s attempts to protect people and federal property against the riots as “Theater.” They describe the discussion as “Now President Donald Trump is indulging the dream more than any national leader in recent history, attempting to turn a major liberal city into an election-year example of his pledge to deliver law and order across the country.”…

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At Fox News: Why Bloomberg’s 2015 Racist ‘Stop and Frisk’ remarks are riddled with inaccuracies

11 Feb , 2020  

Bloomberg now claims that the comments that Dr. Lott discusses below didn’t represent his real views on these issues: “It’s just not the way that I think, and it doesn’t reflect what I do every day.” But the question is what is more likely to represent his true views: what he says in a press conference or what he says in private meeting with people?…