CPRC at Fox News: “Media misfire? Columbia J-school, Bloomberg unite to teach gun coverage”

31 Mar , 2015  

Perry Chiaramonte’s news article has this discussion of the CPRC and our survey that Gary Mauser oversaw of economists and their views on gun control:

Critics who think the media has an anti-firearm agenda won’t like the lineup behind a high-powered, upcoming seminar aimed at training reporters to cover the issue of gun violence.



Fox News stories on our research about the FBI fudging mass shooting statistics is at the very top of the website and is the most viewed story

24 Mar , 2015  

The Fox News story is available here.  If you are interested in reading our original report that will be published this week in the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Today, please download it here.  Right now the coverage of our report is at the very top of the Fox News website.…



CPRC in the Idaho Statesman: Discussing the increase in concealed handgun permits and what it means

23 Mar , 2015  

From an article by Bill Dentzer in the Idaho Statesman:

. . . The move toward “shall-issue” accelerated in the mid-1980s. Florida became a shall-issue state in 1987, and now has 1.3 million concealed carry permit holders – roughly 10 percent of the national number, according to John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center, a pro-gun research group in Washington, D.C.


Former Maryland state police Captain and new CPRC Fellow Jack McCauley on Fox & Friends

22 Mar , 2015  

CPRC’s research on concealed handguns is discussed here, though we are going to have to work with Jack a little bit to get the name right!


CPRC at Fox News: “Is gun ownership really down in America?”

12 Mar , 2015  

John Lott’s newest piece at Fox News:

Is gun ownership falling? The answer is yes, at least if you believe a new General Social Survey (GSS) by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC). Supposedly, since the late 1970s, the percentage of homes with a gun has fallen from approximately 50 percent to 32 percent.  



CPRC testimony before the Nevada Assembly Judiciary Committee on eliminating many Gun-Free Zones

5 Mar , 2015  

A video of the first panel testifying on the bill to reduce the number of gun-free zones in Nevada is available below (Lott’s testimony starts at 5:54 into the video below).  Since the first panel went through a lot of the facts regarding guns and schools as well as mass public shootings, the opponents of the bill were put in a difficult position.  …

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CPRC in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Minnesota Concealed handgun permits hit new high

3 Mar , 2015  

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

The number of Minnesotans who are legally entitled to carry a handgun reached an all-time high in 2014, with 184,895 active permits by the end of the year, according to a new report from the state.

The end-of-year total is more than 14 percent higher than last year, according to the report released Monday.



CPRC’s research used in legislative debate over gun-free zones in South Dakota

28 Feb , 2015  

Our research has been used in legislative  debate over allowing permitted concealed handguns on college campuses.  The state House bill that would allow concealed carry at the University of South Dakota was defeated by a 48 to 20 vote.  The president of the University of South Dakota, James Abbott, made the typical claim: “Guns and students on campus don’t mix very well.”  While the bill was defeated, the CPRC’s research was available to help show that the concerns were not based on facts.…



CPRC testifies before the Wyoming State Senate on Gun-Free Zones

26 Feb , 2015  

John Lott was the lead witness to testify before the Wyoming state Senate Education Committee about a bill to eliminate gun-free zones in government buildings and public school and universities.

From Wyoming Public Radio:

Only concealed permit holders would be allowed to have the concealed guns. John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center testified that permit holders have a strong safety record.



Greg Gutfeld gives a shoutout on The Five to our research

25 Feb , 2015  

Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.foxnews.com”>video.foxnews.com</a>

The text of Gutfeld’s monologue is available here. Greg’s discussion about our work is at 4:35 into the video.

At about 3:00 into the video, Juan William claims that “half of killings are done by families,” it is completely wrong. In the latest year the data is available, 2013, if you add up murders involving Husband, Wife, Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Brother, or Sister, you get a total of 1,419.…