CPRC in the News: Yahoo! News, Washington Times, Ricochet, Foreign Policy Journal, American Thinker, and many others

Jan 11, 2019 | Featured


Yahoo News, January 9, 2019

The Crime Prevention Research Center, a pro-gun rights think tank, reports that there were approximately 17.25 million concealed handgun permits issued in the United States as of August 2018. . . . .


Washington Times, January 10, 2019

Currently, 28 states allow teachers and certain school staffers to carry firearms, according to the conservative nonprofit Crime Prevention Research Center. Restrictions and training regulations vary among the jurisdictions. . . .


News Chief (Winter Haven, Florida), January 11, 2019; The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida), January 11, 2019

According to the conservative Crime Prevention Research Center, at least 30 states allow the practice or do not specifically outlaw it. . . .


Erie News Now, January 8, 2019; KXLF (Butte, Montana), January 8, 2019; KXLH (Helena, MT), January 8, 2019; KTVQ (Billings, MT), January 8, 2019; WENY (Horseheads, NY), January 8, 2019; KRTV (Great Falls, MT), January 8, 2019


This study has been pointed to by the Justice Department and by a number of politicians and organizations who favor restricting immigration. It’s also drawn sharp criticism from the Cato Institute and other researchers, who argue that the study misinterpreted data. Lott has stood by his research. . . .


Foreign Policy Journal, January 4, 2019

John Lott also found that gun ownership reduces crime. . . .


The American Thinker, January 1, 2019

Even scarier:

On Saturday, he tweeted that an imminent decree would make gun possession a lot easier for adults over 25 with no criminal record.

He maintains that allowing “good” people to own guns will deter criminals, as well as bring down Brazil’s record number of homicides, which reached nearly 64,000 last year.

The journalists warn:

However, observers [cough! Journalists?] fear that will usher in vigilante justice, and a poll by the Datafolha institute published Monday found 61 percent of Brazilians were against the idea.

Brazil does have a history of death squads, and no doubt many people are fed up with the rampant violence in major cities. But legal guns in the hands of good citizens does tend to reduce crime, as John Lott’s pathbreaking study revealed. . . .


The New American, January 1, 2019

In its reporting of the president’s decree, Samantha Pearson of the Wall Street Journal said that “Brazil is set to embark on an experiment that will determine what happens when you loosen restrictions in a country battling an overpowering wave of gun crime.” (Emphasis added.)

This is no experiment. Pearson would do well to note Dean Weingarten’s reminder published in Ammoland:

In 1980, Brazil had a homicide rate of about 12 per 100,000 people, only a little higher than the United States with a homicide rate of 10.2 in the same year. In 2017, 37 years later, the United States homicide rate dropped in half to 5.2, while Brazil’s rate more than tripled to over 39.

Or she could read John Lott’s book More Guns, Less Crime, in which he proves the inverse relationship between gun ownership and the rate of violent crime. . . .


Ricochet, December 26, 2018

Let’s begin with the obvious: Safe, responsible concealed carry is a herd immunity against crime. Dr. John Lott made this abundantly clear in his seminal work, “More Guns, Less Crime,” and it’s time for gun owners to take up the charge and come out of the shadows. . . .


Gunpowder magazine, January 3, 2019

Crime prevention researcher John Lott noted at the time of the [Second Amendment] Caucus’ initial iteration, “With so many laws disarming the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society and others who face real threats to their and their family’s safety, it is reassuring to know that the Second Amendment Caucus is there to ensure people’s safety.” . . .