Media Bias

At Real Clear Politics: TV Shows Push Gun Control Myths — in Sync With Biden

18 Feb , 2021  

Dr. John Lott has a new piece on media bias at Real Clear Politics.

Last week, the Biden administration promised gun control groups that it will soon roll out a massive push for limits on firearm purchases and other measures. President Biden reiterated that promise on Sunday. And the television networks aren’t waiting to lay the groundwork for this effort.

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Media Bias

CBS Television show again pushing the supposed dangers of guns in the home

13 Feb , 2021   Video

On CBS’s Magnum PI (S3 E8 February 12 2021), a twelve-year-old steals his father’s gun from a bedside table and accidentally shoots his ten-year-old brother. The message is parents should be afraid of guns in the home even if the parent is at home. But this again greatly exaggerates the dangers of guns in the home.…

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Media Bias

More CBS Bias Against Guns: Even A Locked Gun Safe Doesn’t Stop A Daughter From using a Father’s Gun in a mass public shooting

3 Feb , 2021   Video

On CBS’s FBI Most Wanted (S2 E4 January 19, 2021), a woman steals his father’s gun from a lock box at home and attempts a mass public shooting. The father attempts to justify owning the gun to protect his family, but the message is obvious: parents may think that they have a gun for safety, but the gun will be used for bad purposes and they should be afraid of guns in the home even if they are locked in a safe.…

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TV Show showing someone very upset about having gun in the home, exaggerating risk of gun in the home

22 Feb , 2020   Video

This new show on CBS starts with lots of politically correct themes. In the second episode, the new female police chief’s daughter is distraught over the fact that her mom has a gun in the home. Even though the gun is locked up, Over the last five years that data is available from the Centers for Disease Control (2013 to 2017), the average yearly number of accidental gun deaths involving children under age 10 was 42.…

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Television Show Bias against guns: Even a locked gun safe doesn’t stop a son from getting the father’s gun

17 Mar , 2019   Video

On CBS’s FBI, a seventeen-year-old steals his father’s gun from a locked gun safe at home and attempts a mass public shooting. The message is parents should be afraid of guns in the home even if they are locked in a safe. Others would support banning guns in the home. Since this type of event is indeed possible, this wouldn’t obviously show​ bias by itself, but CBS’s FBI has no offsetting examples of civilian-owned guns being beneficial.…

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13-year-old boy uses mom’s gun to shoot and kill armed man breaking into home

12 Nov , 2015  


From Fox News:

A South Carolina teenager left home alone used his mother’s gun to shoot and kill a burglar, authorities said Tuesday.

Fox Carolina reported that deputies responded to a report of shots fired at a home in Ladson Tuesday shortly before 2 p.m. EST Tuesday. When they arrived, they found the unidentified 13-year-old boy and asked him to come out of the home.



11-year-old fatally shoots one of two intruders who broke into home, saves his 4-year-old sister

4 Sep , 2015  

A 16-year-old who broke into the home on his third attempt was shot and killed by an 11-year-old inside the home.  Fox News has this:

An 11-year-old Missouri boy shot and killed a 16-year-old boy during an attempted home invasion Thursday afternoon, St. Louis County police said.

Police said two suspects tried to break into the home north of downtown St.



Given the debate over the 9-year-old with a gun, some examples of children who used guns to save the lives of family members

29 Aug , 2014  

With all the discussion about possibly setting age restrictions on gun use after the tragic death of a firearms instructor in Arizona (see analysis here), here are a few examples of young children saving lives with guns.

The fearless 11-year-old took action when she saw the cougar following her 13-year-old brother as he was walking towards their home .