Television Show Bias against guns: Even a locked gun safe doesn’t stop a son from getting the father’s gun

Mar 17, 2019 | Featured

On CBS’s FBI, a seventeen-year-old steals his father’s gun from a locked gun safe at home and attempts a mass public shooting. The message is parents should be afraid of guns in the home even if they are locked in a safe. Others would support banning guns in the home. Since this type of event is indeed possible, this wouldn’t obviously show​ bias by itself, but CBS’s FBI has no offsetting examples of civilian-owned guns being beneficial.

For other examples of media bias against guns in other TV shows see here.

(FBI S1 E16, aired March 12, 2019)


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  1. Gary

    Yup, always blame the firearm!!!! When y’all passed the law saying wee couldn’t whip our kids but that’s when everything went to hell!!!