More CBS Bias Against Guns: Even A Locked Gun Safe Doesn’t Stop A Daughter From using a Father’s Gun in a mass public shooting

Feb 3, 2021 | Media Bias

On CBS’s FBI Most Wanted (S2 E4 January 19, 2021), a woman steals his father’s gun from a lock box at home and attempts a mass public shooting. The father attempts to justify owning the gun to protect his family, but the message is obvious: parents may think that they have a gun for safety, but the gun will be used for bad purposes and they should be afraid of guns in the home even if they are locked in a safe. The lead FBI agent even says that it is “wise” that they have the gun locked up, ignoring that locking up the gun can make it more difficult to use defensively (see here).

Since this type of event is indeed possible, this wouldn’t obviously show​ bias by itself, but CBS’s FBI Most Wanted or FBI have no offsetting examples of civilian-owned guns being beneficial. This episode is very similar to an episode of FBI in 2019 (see here).

The obvious implication is that despite the evidence to the contrary, people shouldn’t own guns.



  1. jailaid

    Other incidents of gun violence are occurring in our schools with distressing frequency. These include gun homicides and nonfatal gun assaults, unintentional discharges resulting in gunshot wounds or death, and, to a slightly lesser extent, self-harm and suicide deaths using a firearm.

  2. Grintch

    Not that it will matter. But what would be a suitable address, physical and/or email to complain to CBS about their wrong gun facts? The next week in FBI, another white extremest shot people with a machine gun. Despite him being blue collar, that he bought from a regular gun dealer. Not a class Class III dealer, and not a $20K+ registered NFA weapon. So completely impossible in this day and age. Oh yes, and the dealer was mailing him guns. Come on, are they really that dumb?

    • johnrlott

      You can also call Customer Service at (888) 274-5343, 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. ET. Let us know what happens.