Our video on Adam Lankford’s false claims on mass public shootings passes 6.4 million view mark, almost 5.5 million on Facebook

Jul 24, 2020 | Featured

UPDATE: The video that we did with John Stossel on Adam Lankford’s false claims about his claim that 31% of mass public shooters have been in the United States. Despite massive international media coverage and repeated requests from the Washington Post, Real Clear Politics, various researchers on both sides of the gun control debate, and others, Lankford has refused to let anyone see his claimed list of mass public shootings nor answered questions about how he was able to obtain a “complete list” of these attacks around the world in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and even 1990s. Lankford won’t even let people know what languages he used to compile his list. Compared to Lankford’s claimed list of 202 mass public shooters outside the United States from 1966 to 2012, we found over 3,081 over less than a third of that period from 1998 to 2012 (we have since updated the data up through 2015).

UPDATE 2: Lankford has finally revealed his list of mass public shootings, but it is clear why he refused to do this for 4.5 years. When he finally released his list of cases as a result of academic research that John Lott and Carl Moody published (here and here), it was clear why he had waited so long. He had over counted cases in the US and missed thousands of cases in the rest of the world. He had almost exclusively limited himself to only those cases where one mass shooter was involved (he did include one case in Russia where two shooters were involved) and he missed many cases where only one shooter was involved. He had also over counted cases in the United States.

The number of views: We are proud to announce that the first video that we have done has gone past 2 million views. As of Friday, July 24, 2020, here are the numbers:

Facebook 5,487,982 million views

Twitter 502,300 views

YouTube 434,720 views

Total 6,425,002



  1. James Forrest Longley

    Noting the recent hearings on “Megabanks” and committee members questioning whether banks are ceasing to do business with firearms manufacturers and dealers, I wonder if anyone has asked those same banks if they have stopped doing business with ANYONE else; criminals under indictment, say (not convicted, although that also should be asked, but merely thought to have committed criminal acts, after all, the manufacturers and dealers have not even been indicted), or people who spread deadly infectious diseases through unsafe practices, and so on.

    • Steve Skipper

      Not to mention CARTELS and other illegal money laundering operations connected to human bondage, insider trading and the illicit sex trade. These megabanks are more than likely already loaded with illegal money and are now targeting legitimate businesses in a classic liberal diversion scheme. This is the same tactic used by gun grabbers. Ignore the criminal element in our inner cities, sociopathic copycats and terrorists and target legal law abiding firearms owners as the source of all gun homicides. Problem is, with the media’s assistance. the myth continues to expand into the elite liberal narrative in spite of facts to the contrary.

  2. MIke Johnson

    I thought Lankford has since released all his data and methids (april, according to the WaPo). Any update on that?


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