Twitter rejects appeal to unlock John Lott’s account, still with no explanation

10 Jul , 2019  

We noted last week that Twitter locked John Lott’s account because of it deemed a tweet to be in violation of the company’s rules. In Lott’s appeal, he noted that Twitter had not offered an explanation for its action. As can be seen from the screenshot of its email, Twitter has continued to provide no explanation.


4 Responses

  1. Tom Campbell says:

    Too much of “social media” has become party to Progressivist tyranny.

  2. Peter Vroman says:

    Twitter also locked my account and forced me to give them my phone number to unlock it. Since then non-stop solicitations. I criticized Bette Midler for calling the President a F%CK and other obscenities in her tweet. My criticism did not contain obscenities but I did tell her that I gave up drugs and I no longer behave like vulgar white trash. I suggested she might do the same. No hates-speech or threats. I appealed but was denied. Bette Midlers tweets are still there but mine was deleted.

  3. Kevin Myers says:

    There’s an answer sitting there, waiting for Conservatives to use it – GAB. WE could easily dump the Regressives in the hot oil by shifting platforms lock-stock-and barrel. That would kill FB ad revenue and chock off the other Leftist Social Media types from what they need most – participation in their network and ad dollars.

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