11 Jul , 2019

In the New York Daily News: Punished for tweeting the truth

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed piece at the New York Daily News. The piece starts this way:

Twitter has locked my account. I can’t post anything or read messages from other users. The reason? In March, I tweeted that the perpetrator of the New Zealand mosque shooting was “a socialist, environmentalist, who hates capitalists & free trade.” I also wrote that the killer believed his attack would “lead to more gun control” in New Zealand and the United States.


10 Jul , 2019

Twitter rejects appeal to unlock John Lott’s account, still with no explanation

We noted last week that Twitter locked John Lott’s account because of it deemed a tweet to be in violation of the company’s rules. In Lott’s appeal, he noted that Twitter had not offered an explanation for its action. As can be seen from the screenshot of its email, Twitter has continued to provide no explanation.…

5 Jul , 2019

Twitter has blocked John Lott’s Twitter account for Tweeting about the New Zealand mosque shooter, won’t explain

Twitter has blocked John Lott’s account because of a post about the New Zealand mosque killer, and won’t explain its decision (see pictures). If you have a Twitter account, please consider retweeting the Crime Prevention Research Center’s tweet about this.
The original tweet was completely accurate, and is substantiated here.


20 Sep , 2018

At the Daily Caller: There are lots of ways social media outlets can bias political debate

Dr. John Lott has an op-ed at the Daily Caller about the social media bias that we have faced at Facebook.

There are lots of ways that social media outlets can bias political debates. We have heard of everything from accounts being closed down to deciding what stories are listed as trending.

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3 Sep , 2018

More Social Media Bias: Facebook prevents us from advertising Fox News stories about our work

Our attempts this week to put up ads on Facebook produced some disturbing results. Facebook treated a news link from Fox News and a link to our website very differently, even though both contained the same information. We have previously been prevented many times from linking to our Fox News opinion pieces, but we hadn’t thought about the issue of systematic bias against Fox News until the events of this week.


26 Apr , 2018

More Censorship of our research by Twitter

We have previously run into trouble with Twitter censoring our activity.  Gavin McGinnis recently posted a Tweet linking to some of our research correcting false statements made by Vox.com on guns.  But Twitter provided the following warning:

So what does “sensitive material” mean?  Apparently, Twitter says that sensitive material is “abusive and offensive” material.  …


6 Nov , 2017

CPRC ad on Twitter not approved because of “inappropriate language”

Yesterday, we put up a post on the CPRC website noting that a law-abiding citizen had stopped the mass public shooting at the Texas church.  We were putting this out hours before the national media was picking up on this important story.  Dr. Lott had put this up on his Twitter feed and tried to get some more attention for it by paying for a Twitter Ad campaign.  …