Twitter has blocked John Lott’s Twitter account for Tweeting about the New Zealand mosque shooter, won’t explain

5 Jul , 2019  

Twitter has blocked John Lott’s account because of a post about the New Zealand mosque killer, and won’t explain its decision (see pictures). If you have a Twitter account, please consider retweeting the Crime Prevention Research Center’s tweet about this.
The original tweet was completely accurate, and is substantiated here. We have appealed, but we are not optimistic.
The general claim that most mass public shooters are right-wingers is also false (see here).


2 Responses

  1. Jeffrey Newbold says:

    Suit for declaratory judgement…did Twitter conduct violate neutrality protections. If so, protections should be considered abandoned by Twitter and a defamation complaint filed.

  2. Denise says:

    Hello Mr. Lott, I was listening to you on Levin today and you mentioned this happening. On May 15, President Trump set up a web page to report these incidences. They have received thousands of replies and have since closed the page. The address was https://whitehouse.typeform.com/to/Jti9QH.

    I would still report this to the President. It is my opinion that since progressive owners own all social media sites and since they are basically all public platforms, they should not be able to discriminate against anyone due to the fact that there remains no viable alternative for a member of the public to go to in regards to other social media sites they can post on. They really have a monopoly on the market and because of this, they should be forced to practice *full disclosure* – that is allowing content from *everyone*/not be allowed to turn anyone away.

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