Yet another Mass Public Shooting in another Gun-free zone: at the Henry Pratt Company in Aurora, Illinois

15 Feb , 2019  

“Did you ever see him with guns at work?” the anchors asked Probst [an employee at the company] about the shooter.

“No. We are not even supposed to have any guns at work.” He said.

ABC Channel 7, WLS, Chicago

Reportedly, five were murdered in the attack at the Henry Pratt Company in Aurora, Illinois. This attempted mass public shooting occurred in yet another gun-free zone. 98% of mass public shootings since 1950 have taken place in areas where people can’t defend themselves.

For a comparison to mass public shootings around the world, see here and here.

UPDATE: The killer, Gary Martin, has been identified, and he has a violent felony record: “Martin has a criminal background, and that he was convicted in 1995 for aggravated assault, a felony, in Mississippi.

In the picture below, the name of the Henry Pratt Company can be seen on the back wall. The “no guns” sign can also be clearly seen on the door.



2 Responses

  1. Michael Fallon says:

    So we have a no gun sign, and a convicted felon, who illegally was in possession of a firearm. Obviously the killer had confidence, that no one would be armed in plant, that has two hundred employees. Of course, the Marxist democrats will say pass another useless gun control law.

  2. Bruce Davidson says:

    Victims who suffer incidents like this where they are prohibited from defending themselves should sue the owner for putting them in that situation.

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