Arbitrary Social Media Censorship, this time by YouTube

Jan 27, 2022 | Social Media Censorship

In April 2021, John Lott did an interview with America’s Voice about the problems with Mail-in ballots in Missoula, Montana. YouTube says that the video that we posted there violated their community standards on “Elections misinformation policies.” They say “This currently applies to: Any past U.S. Presidential election.” Fine, but as we pointed out in our appeal, the video never discussed the presidential election, never called the presidential election to be in question, never said that Trump actually won the election. After an appeal, YouTube wrote back and said that they had looked carefully at the video again and weren’t going to change their decision, but they provided no response to our arguments.

More information on what happened in Montana is available here.

Given this, it is hardly surprising that on January 26th it was announced that Dan Bongino has now been permanently suspended by YouTube.

Here is the offending video: