11 Apr , 2019

At National Review: Bernie Sanders Is Wrong: Felons Shouldn’t Vote from Prison

Dr. John Lott has a new piece at NationalReview.com about Senator Bernie Sanders’ proposal that felons in prison be able to vote. The piece starts this way:

Democrats used to argue that once felons had served their time, they had paid their debts to society and should be able to vote.


5 Feb , 2017

Evidence on Felons voting for Democrats

With the moves last year by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to give voting rights to 200,000 felons in his state and Maryland last year giving the right to vote to 40,000 felons after then are released from prison, the push by to give felons voting rights has been going on almost continually since the 2000 election.…

26 Apr , 2016


Why Virginia Gov Terry McAuliffe can’t give felons right to vote without restoring their right to own guns

Governor Terry McAuliffe has given felons in Virginia the right to vote without allowing them the right to own a gun.  His executive order will let murderers and rapists will be able to serve on juries.  Say someone has committed multiple violent crimes.  Is there an argument to be made that we have learned something about that individual’s preferences?  …