Television Shows Misrepresenting facts: NBC’s Chicago PD makes civilian with a gun look like a danger to himself and police

17 Feb , 2020   Video

This episode from Chicago PD has a man carrying a concealed handgun which he uses to stop his car from being carjacked. His child and wife were in the car when the attempted carjacking occurred. But, despite the man’s wife clearly warning her husband that a police officer had arrived on the scene, the civilian points his gun at the officer.…

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Television Show Bias against guns: In ABC’s The Fix the prosecutor almost shoots her boyfriend because she thinks that he is an intruder

25 Mar , 2019   Video

Maya Travis (Robin Tunney), who plays the show’s lead, almost shoots her boyfriend Riv (Marc Blucas) because she accidentally thinks that he is an intruder. The only use of a gun the show is one that endangers someone’s life.

For other examples of media bias against guns in other TV shows see here.…

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Television Show Bias against guns: On NBC’s Chicago Med Doctor’s gun gets stolen and it is used to shoot a young man

24 Mar , 2019   Video

In Episode 12 of Season 4, Natalie (Torrey DeVitto) asks Will (Nick Gehlfuss) to move back in with her. But she has a condition: he must get rid of his gun. His handgun has been a major, long-standing problem between them, and this time Will finally relents. But he changes his mind upon entering the police station, and turns around to put the gun in his car.…

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An Example from CBS of Media Bias regarding Concealed Handgun Permits

14 Jan , 2018   Video

Here is a very short clip of Hawaii Five-O trying to provide an example of a concealed handgun permit holder representing a danger to others.  Other parts of the program show the permit holder as a real jerk and eventually stealing a gun from a police officer and shooting someone.

Despite the impression this show provides, some information on how extremely law-abiding permit holders are is available here and here.…

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