Television Shows Misrepresenting facts: NBC’s Chicago PD makes civilian with a gun look like a danger to himself and police

17 Feb , 2020   Video

This episode from Chicago PD has a man carrying a concealed handgun which he uses to stop his car from being carjacked. His child and wife were in the car when the attempted carjacking occurred. But, despite the man’s wife clearly warning her husband that a police officer had arrived on the scene, the civilian points his gun at the officer. Pointing the gun at the officer risks the husband being shot and it also puts the officer in danger. The civilian also delays the officer long enough so that the carjacker is able to escape.

But one can go through all the defensive gun uses that we have collected with people who are legally carrying guns, and we can’t find a single example where it was reported that the concealed handgun permit holder was pointing his gun at a police officer. We have also collected other cases where people legally carrying guns have stopped what otherwise would have been mass public shootings, and in not one single case has something like what is claimed in this TV show happened.

(NBC Chicago PD S7 E11 January 15, 2020)

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