The Maine Mass Murderer was Prohibited from Owning Guns, also took Guns into Gun-free Zone

Oct 27, 2023 | Mass Public Shootings

While the reason that Robert Card was prohibited from owning guns isn’t stated, the Maine state police say that he was a prohibited person. No explanation yet on how he obtained the gun.

According to the State Bureau of Investigation, Card is categorized as “Federal Firearms Disqualified Status,” though it remains unclear what law barred him from possessing a firearm. A list of Mainers who have had their weapons confiscated through the state’s “yellow flag law” does not appear to include anyone matching Card. A spokesperson for the state police did not respond to a message asking for clarification about why Card was prohibited. . . .

John Terhune and Steve Collins, “Police still hunting for suspect more than 24 hours after 18 people killed in Lewiston,” Portland Press Herald, October 26, 2023.

UPDATED: So not only was he banned from having a gun, he also carried the gun into a gun-free zone.




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