Murderers Overwhelmingly Murder People who are Just Like Themselves

Oct 27, 2023 | Featured

“When Alvin Bragg was a candidate for Manhattan district attorney, he spoke often about gun possession cases that did not merit harsh prosecution or imprisonment, saying that not every person charged with such a crime was linked to violence.”

Jonah E. Bromwich, “After Spate of Shootings, Manhattan D.A> Takes Tougher Stance on Guns,” New York Times, January 26, 2022.

“Alvin Bragg explicitly motivated his reforms to equalize the incarceration rate across racial groups,” said Lott. “But while Bragg is reducing the penalties on Black criminals, he is ignoring that the victims of these Black criminals are overwhelmingly Black. For example, Blacks murdered about 90 percent of Black murder victims. But whatever Bragg’s motivation, the bottom line is simple: if you make it less risky for criminals to commit crime, you will get more crime.”

Paul Bond, “Alvin Bragg’s “Soft on Crime” Policies Face Scrutiny as Manhattan DA Goes After Trump,” Newsweek, March 21, 2023.

Murderers overwhelmingly murder people who are just like themselves. About 85 to 90 percent of blacks are murdered by blacks. About 76 to 80 percent of whites are murdered by whites. There is some cross race murders, with blacks murdering whites at about twice the rate that whites murder blacks (17 to 19 percent versus 8 to 9 percent).