The Just-in-Time Bowling Alley in Lewiston, Maine, where Robert Card murdered 7 people on Wednesday, was a Gun-free Zone; the Schemengees Bar & Grille was likely also a Gun-free Zone.

Oct 27, 2023 | Gun Free Zones

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Original Post: As we have pointed out many times, mass murderers prefer defenseless victims, gun-free zones. Ninety-four percent of the mass public shootings occur in gun-free zones (updated, detailed discussion here). And Robert Card is no different. He apparently picked two gun-free zones to do his attack. The picture here is from 2021. The sign for Just-in-Time Bowling Alley, located at 24 Mollison Way, Lewiston, ME 04240, reads: “We kindly ask that you refrain from bringing firearms in this building and we would appreciate it if you left them in your vehicle. Please keep our atmosphere family-friendly.” Card murdered seven people (one woman and six men) there. We are working to get a higher-definition picture of the sign. Two sources tell us that the Schemengees Bar & Grille Restaurant, located at 551 Lincoln St. Lewiston, Maine, was also a gun-free zone, but we don’t yet have a picture of the sign there and thus no proof. UPDATE: While I have had several people tell us that the bar was also a gun-free zone, there is now one person who says that people were allowed to carry there.

Unfortunately, even liberal concealed carry states have gun-free zones, which is what virtually always happens when these attacks in places where people can carry. About 6% of mass public shootings occur in places where guns are allowed. Despite all the media coverage of this mass murder, no one is mentioning that we have seen yet another attack in a gun-free zone. Of course, the news media refuses to report that these murderers frequently explicitly explain that they target these gun-free zones.

Matthew Strasser found the picture of the bowling alley by searching on the web.

UPDATE: Maine State Senator Eric Brakey says: “I’ve heard from a few people who were at the Just-in-Time Bowling Alley that they wished they had their handgun with them to stop this man.” So, while the picture of the front door for the bowling alley is from a couple of years ago, this comment from the Maine state Senator indicates that it is still the policy of the bowling alley.

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