Evidence of large scale ballot harvesting in Georgia and Wisconsin 2020 Presidential Election

Mar 22, 2022 | Vote Fraud

Vote harvesting may have been occurring on a large scale during the 2020 election.

. . . The investigations are examining reports of payments to people who collected ballots, “mules” dropping multiple ballots at different drop boxes, coercion of voters at nursing homes to hand over ballots and bribery of local election officials to boost Democratic turnout.

Georgia election officials ramped up an investigation of ballot harvesting — when a third party collects and submits a voter’s ballot — by authorizing subpoenas to carry out their probe.

The subpoena will be used by election board investigators to try to gain an interview with an anonymous witness who claims he was paid $10 for each ballot he delivered to various drop boxes, which would violate a Georgia law that allows the voter or their close relative to submit a ballot. . . .

In Wisconsin, Republican state lawmakers are examining claims of illegal ballot harvesting, voter coercion in nursing homes and outright bribery by private groups seeking to drive up Democratic voter registration.  . . .

Mrs. Engelbrecht told The Washington Times she’ll present geospatial data, which is a form of advanced and detailed cell phone tracking, from Green Bay, Milwaukee and Racine counties. The data shows evidence of 100 so-called traffickers in each county who visited roughly ten or more ballot drop boxes in the two weeks before the 2020 election. 

Mrs. Engelbrecht said the data found 100 people in Milwaukee County alone “for whom that pattern fit, going to ten or more drop boxes.” . . .

A trailer for the [Dinesh D’Souza] film teases “explosive new surveillance footage of ballot drop boxes” and shows video frames of “one mule … who made 53 trips to 23 drop boxes.” Mr. D’Souza says the film tracked 2,000 “mules” engaged in ballot harvesting “in all the key states [where] the election was decided,” including Georgia and Wisconsin. . . .

Susan Ferrechio, “Investigations of 2020 ballot mischief gain momentum in Georgia, Wisconsin,” The Washington Times, Tuesday, March 22, 2022.