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Rush Limbaugh Show mentions our work on policing

18 Apr , 2021  

Jason Lewis, the substitute host for the Rush Limbaugh show, mentioned our research on blacks being more likely to report violent crime to police than whites.

Jason Lewis: . . . It seems that people still want the police. In fact, my old friend Dr. John Lott as well as Heather Mac Donald — people that have actually looked into the criminal justice statistics — show that black folks are nine percentage points more likely to call the police, more likely to report violent crimes committed against them to the police than white folks.

I bet you never heard that on CNN or MSNBC, right? Because the narrative must continue, and the narrative in this latest case is simply this: The police are gunning for minorities. . . .

You know, my old buddy Dr. John Lott, who was… Well, that’s his job. He was on the — what was it — U.S. sentencing commission, I think, for a couple of years, and he’s been a criminologist, statistician looking at this stuff. He and Heather Mac Donald have put together a plethora of data on policing in urban America and whether or not it’s discriminatory, and the data simply isn’t there.

I’m not trying to reach into the mind of anybody, but I can just tell you the data is not there. I mentioned this earlier, and the people I toured after the riots last year in my run for the Senate, they want more policing in the urban areas, in the dangerous areas, in north and south Minneapolis, or in Watts, or in Bedford-Stuy, wherever it may be. . . .

Jason Lewis, substitute host for the Rush Limbaugh Show, April 13, 2021.


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