PragerU on “Gun control does NOT equal less gun violence” references Crime Prevention Research Center

31 Mar , 2020   Video

PragerU has a video on gun control that references the CPRC research on mass public shootings in gun-free zones and the impact of Australia’s 1996-97 gun buyback on crime rates. The number we have on mass public shootings in gun-free zones since 1950 is 94%.

If we had been consulted for this video, we would have cut out the comparison that compared the number of guns Americans with gun crime rate (comparing gun ownership rates with crime rates would have made more sense). In place of that, we would have pointed out that every single place that has banned either all guns or all handguns has seen an increase in murder/homicide rates. We would also point out that it is false that the United States is unique in terms of mass public shootings (see also here for peer-reviewed research).


2 Responses

  1. GS says:

    Could you please put a reference for the original PragerU video used here? I am unable to find it.

    • johnrlott says:

      This is a complete copy of that video. We were only able to find it in a Tweet that they put out.

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