Television Shows Misrepresenting Facts: CBS’ “FBI” shows carrying concealed handguns didn’t protect those carrying

24 Feb , 2020   Video

CBS’ “FBI” shows has a case where truck drivers with concealed handguns are murdered by someone stealing their truck. The Crime Prevention Research Center has collected hundreds of cases where people have used permitted handguns to protect themselves, and while the outcome that CBS shows is possible, this outcome virtually never happens.…

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An Example from CBS of Media Bias regarding Concealed Handgun Permits

14 Jan , 2018   Video

Here is a very short clip of Hawaii Five-O trying to provide an example of a concealed handgun permit holder representing a danger to others.  Other parts of the program show the permit holder as a real jerk and eventually stealing a gun from a police officer and shooting someone.

Despite the impression this show provides, some information on how extremely law-abiding permit holders are is available here and here.…

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