Handgun Carry Permit Holder stops threat suspect at Missouri Walmart

10 Aug , 2019   Video

As panicked customers fled and the police were racing toward the store but not yet there, an armed suspect, Dmitriy N. Andreychenko, with a loaded rifle, body armor, and 100 rounds of ammunition was held at gunpoint by a handgun carry permit holder until police arrived.  As happens over and over again, good guy with a gun averted a potential crisis. The man with the rifle might have been a threat or he might simply have been someone bent on trying to see how far he could go in scaring people. He has been charged with making a terrorist threat in the second-degree, a crime for which conviction carries with it up to four years in prison.

Even the Andreychenko’s defense attorney, Dee Wampler, called the firefighter “a good citizen” making what the man thought was a “citizen’s arrest.” Andreychenko’s defense attorney also indicated that he understood why people in the store felt threatened.

The bottom line that we take from this is that at best Andreychenko was a nut, but there are lots of good people out there even if there are a few nuts and it is important that one of those people had a permitted concealed handgun just in case it was really needed.


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  1. Laddyboy says:

    From what I have read, the “manager” is the one person who created the SCARE. He set off the fire alarm when there was NO FIRE. He should be held accountable for ALL damages that HIS scare caused. This includes the woman who was rammed by the police while on their way to the store. The man who was LEGALLY CARRYING his weapon WITHOUT threatening anyone is at this time the INJURED PARTY. The man who pulled the gun and threatened the man who was shopping LEGALLY should be charged with BRANDISHING his weapon and THREATENING to shoot the fellow.

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