10 Aug , 2019

Handgun Carry Permit Holder stops threat suspect at Missouri Walmart

As panicked customers fled and the police were racing toward the store but not yet there, an armed suspect, Dmitriy N. Andreychenko, with a loaded rifle, body armor, and 100 rounds of ammunition was held at gunpoint by a handgun carry permit holder until police arrived.  As happens over and over again, good guy with a gun averted a potential crisis.…

10 Aug , 2019

Judge Andrew Napolitano and Maj Toure talk about Dr. John Lott’s research

Judge Andrew Napolitano and Maj Toure talk about Dr. John Lott’s research.

3 May , 2019

Bill to let people carry without a permit during disasters overwhelmingly passes Texas state House

Republicans hold a somewhat narrow a 83-to-67 seat majority in the Texas state House, but a bill to let people carry concealed handguns without a permit during state-declared disasters passed by an overwhelming 102 to 29 vote. For 7 days after the disaster is declared, people are allowed to carry while evacuating or re-entering the disaster area.…


23 Nov , 2018

Announcing our new Research Director: Carl Moody

John Whitley recently stopped being our research director to take over as  chief financial officer of the US Army in the Trump Administration. It was quite a loss for us, as John had been with us since the CPRC was founded. Fortunately, Carl Moody has joined us as our new research director.…

9 Nov , 2018

How do women’s political views change when they get married, have kids, and get divorced?

This isn’t our normal discussions here, but research by John Lott and Larry Kenny found that women’s political views change a lot over time. When women get married about half the gap between men and women changes over time, when they have kids about half the remaining gap disappears, but if women get a divorce and have kids, they become much more liberal than they were to begin with.…