Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting apparently took place in another gun-free zone

27 Oct , 2018  

UPDATED: With eleven dead and five others wounded by gunfire, the question about this incredibly horrible tragedy is: why someplace such as a Synagogue doesn’t allow parishioners to carry permitted concealed handguns? Apparently, during high holidays, the Synagogue has security present, but why not allow people to be protected quickly during the rest of the year.

The synagogue had run security drills, but the issue of financial limitations wouldn’t have been a big concern if they had allowed permitted concealed handguns. From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Mr. Eisenberg said when he was president, he emphasized security and had U.S. Homeland Security come in to conduct a security drill because of “what was going on all over the country.”

The issue that prevented further action regarding security was financial, Mr. Eisenberg said.

“We had to step it up as far as security, although there had been no threats,” he said. “The building isn’t designed for today as far as security purposes.” . . .

Just a few days ago, a mass public shooter was stopped at a grocery store in Louisville. Here is a list of church shootings that have been stopped by concealed handgun permit holders. Our list of mass public shootings stopped by permit holders is available here. The fact that the US has a much lower rate of mass public shootings than the rest of the world is available here.

There should be signs in front of synagogues noting that there is an armed presence there.

The attack occurred on October 27, 2018.


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  1. robert owen says:

    Since most American Jews are Liberals, few would carry even if allowed. Maybe this will change some attitudes. We can only hope.

  2. Djs says:

    This Society has become a turn-off to me. This Society is out of control. This Society has become a weirdo, mentally incapable, sick, off the wall Society. The main thing and only thing that is caused it is the devil has creeped into our minds, our spirit, and our soul. The other thing is we are a spoiled Society are foods and now contain hormones that make us act crazy. The water that we drink has also has crept into our bloodstream food causing our emotions to be out of kilter. This is all because I’ve government has allowed it and we do nothing about it. Because we are wussies and pussies.

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