TV bias on guns: CBS’s Ransom: Gun fails to protect family and puts children in danger

24 Jun , 2018   Video

Media bias on guns takes many forms. In just 34 seconds, this segment from CBS’ Ransom tries making the case that owning a gun didn’t provide protection against attackers but still puts their children in danger (Season 2, Episode 11, June 23, 2018). The wife is also very upset with the husband that he apparently broke a promise to get rid of the gun.

Examples of media bias against guns in other popular television shows can be found here.



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  1. I 776 Patriot says:

    I stopped watching “SIX”, the Navy Seals drama, for just this reason. A character’s wife asked him to teach her how to use a handgun for self defense after his family was threatened by Islamist militants. The character refused because a gun in the home, used by a trained adult, would endanger the family. Whatta crock – I have been proud to know many active and forner military members and NONE would deny their family self defense tools or training!

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