UPDATED: Vehicle attacks around the world since 2000

23 Apr , 2018  

Terrorist vehicle attacks with 4 or more fatalities are still relatively rare, though they are becoming more frequent. Radical Muslims committed 83% of mass public attacks committed up through the end of 2017.  Including attacks where fewer than 4 victims were killed, 73% of all vehicle attacks were carried out by Muslims.  We have previously done comparisons on rates of mass public shootings and bombings around the world, and specifically comparisons between the US and Europe.

Some of these attacks rank among the worst attacks in terms of deaths for some countries.  The van attack in Toronto in April 2018 was the worst mass killing in Canada since at least 1989 and the third worst massacre in Canada since 1880. The Nice truck attack in 2016 was the third worst massacre in France since the end of World War II (one was the shooting attack at the concert hall in Paris in November 2015 and the other was a deliberate plane crash in 2015).

While there have been 8 previous vehicle attacks in the United States since 2000, the attack in New York City on October 31st, 2017 was the first one with at least 4 fatalities.  However, the 2015 attack in Las Vegas had more total casualties (including injuries).

Year Month Day Location Weapons Deaths by Vehicle Deaths Injuries Islamic? Notes
2018 April 23 Toronto, Canada Van 10 10 15 No  may have done it because women wouldn’t have sex with him
2017  October 31 New York City, New York pickup truck 8 8 15  Islamic  ISIS
2017  August 17 Barcelona, Spain Van 14 14 120+ Islamic ISIS?
2017   June 3  London, UK Van, knives, guns 3* Updated 8(3 vehicle, 5 stabbed) 48  Islamic ISIS
2017   April 7  Stockholm,   Sweden Truck 5 5            ~15  Islamic ISIS
2017   March 22  London, UK Car, knife 4 5 (4 car, 1 knife) 49    Islamic
2017   January 20  Melbourne, Australia Car 6 6 36   No Insane
2017   January 8  East Jerusalem Truck 4 4 17   Islamic
2016 December 19  Berlin, Germany Truck, pistol, knife 12 12 56   Islamic ISIS
2016   July 14  Nice, France Truck, pistol 86 86 434   Islamic ISIS
2014   May 22  Xinjiang, China SUV, bomb 39 39 90+   Islamic
2012 January 25 Pune, India Bus 9 9 27   Islamic
2010 August 1 Nanzuo, China Tractor 17 17 19 No Drunken rampage
2009   April 30  Apeldoorn, Netherlands Car 7 7 10    No deliberate attack to kill people
2008 November 5 Zhuhai, China Car 5 5 19 No
2001   October 1  Srinagar, India Car 38 38 unknown  Islamic
2001 February 14 Azur, Israel Bus 8 8 10 Islamic Palestinian

Other cases with fewer than 4 people killed.

Sunnyvale, California Department of Public Safety says 34-year-old Isaiah Joel Peoples intentionally injured eight people on April 24, 2019.

Year Month Day Location Weapons Deaths by Vehicle Deaths Injuries Islamic? Notes
2018 August 15 London, UK car 0 0 2 Islamic ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack
2018 April 7 Munster, Germay Van/minibus described differently 2 2 20 No psychological problems, also had an AK47
2017 December 21 Melbourne, Australia SUV 0 0 19 No Insane, “deliberate act,” but no evidence of terrorist links
2017 October 1 Edmonton, Canada U-Haul truck 0 0 5 Islamic ISIS
2017 August 18 Cambrils, Spain Van 0 0 7 Islamic ISIS
2017 August 12 Charlottesville, Virginia Car 1 1 19 No White Supremacist
2017 August 9 Paris, France 0 0 6 Islamic ISIS
2017 August 19 London, UK 1 1 11 No hatred of Muslims
2017 June 19 London, UK Van 1 1 9 No Attack on a Mosque
2017 May 18 New York City Car 1 1 20 suicide
2016 November 28 Columbus, Ohio Car, knife 0 0 13 Islamic
2015 December 20 Las Vegas Car 1 1 37 ruled out terrorism but driver acted deliberately
2015 June 25 Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, France Knife, van 1 1 2 Islamic ISIS
2015 June 20 Graz, Austria Car, knife 3 3 36 mental illness
2015 April 30 Venice, California Car 1 1 17 wanted to run down a drug dealer who he believed had ripped off his friend
2014 December 22 Place Royal, France Van 1 1 9 Islamic
2014 December 21 Dijon, France Car 0 0 11 Islamic
2014 November 10 Alon Shvut, Israel Car, Knife 0 3 (3 Knife, 0 Car) 0 Islamic
2014 November 5 Jerusalem, Israel Van 3 3 13 Islamic Hamas
2014 October 22 East Jerusalem Car 2 2 7 Islamic Hamas
2014 October 20 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada Car 1 1 1 Islamic
2014 August 4 Jerusalem, Israel Tractor 1 1 5 Islamic
2013 October 28 Beijing, China Car, bomb 2 2 (+3 others dead in car) 38 Islamic
2013 May 22 London, UK Car 1 1 Islamic
2011 August 29 Tel Aviv, Israel Car 0 0 8 Islamic
2008 September 22 Jerusalem, Israel Car 0 0 19 Islamic Hamas
2008 July 2 Jerusalem, Israel Vehicle with front-end loader 3 3 30+ Islamic
2008 June 8 Tokyo, Japan Truck, Dagger 3 5 (3 Truck, 2 Dagger) 10 (2 Truck, 8 Dagger) “I came to Akihabara to kill people,”
2007 June 30 Glasgow Airport, Scotland Car with propane canisters 0 0 5 Islamic
2006 August 30 San Francisco SUV 1 1 17 deliberate attack to kill people
2006 March 3 Chapel Hill, NC SUV 0 0 9 Islamic
2002 March 30 Lyon, France Two cars 0 0 0 Islamic

Here are some other case

Munice, Indiana, September 1, 2018: “The Muncie Police Department provided two cell phone videos from separate angles that showed a white Dodge Charger plowing into the crowd. Childress first backed out of a parking spot as someone on foot banged on the car and cursed. But instead of exiting the lot, Childress’s car lurched forward. Three people were struck, knocked off their feet and thrown into the concrete wall of the building. The car continued forward, driving over a parking block. As the victims got back to their feet, the car backed out and fled the scene.

Times Square, NYC, NY, September 4, 2020: “The car is seen driving away after one of the officers closes the rear door for one of the passengers. Fox 5 reported that officers had asked the driver to move the car through a route under the Marriot Hotel to avoid conflict with the protesters. The driver ignored the request and instead drove into the crowd, the station reported.

Trier, German, December 1, 2020: “A man zig-zagged an SUV at high speed through a pedestrian zone in the southwestern German city of Trier on Tuesday, killing five people, including a 9-month-old child, and seriously injuring more than a dozen, officials said. The driver, identified as a 51-year-old German man born in Trier, was arrested at the scene and the vehicle was impounded, Trier police said.”

Manhattan, New York City, New York, December 11, 2020: “At least six people were injured after a car drove into a crowd of protesters in Manhattan on Friday, according to the New York City Police Department. . . . The New York Fire Department says six people were taken by ambulance to local hospitals. Police and fire officials said the injuries didn’t appear to be life-threatening.” Update put the number injured at seven.

Ontario, Canada, June 8, 2021: “A man driving a pickup truck jumped a curb in Canada’s Ontario province and slammed into a Muslim family, killing four members and seriously wounding another in what police described as a targeted anti-Islamic hate crime. A 20-year-old man wearing a vest “like body armor” fled the scene of the carnage Sunday evening, but was arrested at a mall about four miles from the intersection in London, Ontario, Detective Superintendent Paul Waight said Monday. Nathaniel Veltman, of London, faces four counts of first-degree murder. Police said he did not know the victims.

Minneapolis, MN, June 14, 2021: “One woman dead, three injured after car plows into protesters in Minneapolis, police say

Show Low, Arizona, June 19, 2021: 10 injured after pickup truck slams group of bicyclists; suspect shot, police say. “More than a half dozen people were critically hurt in Arizona Saturday morning after police say a man slammed a full-sized pickup truck into a pack of cyclists taking part in a charity race to raise money for a local Christian school.”

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, June 20, 2021: “Florida Rep. Wasserman Schultz nearly struck in Pride parade crash that kills at least 1. . . . Fort Lauderdale’s Dem mayor blasts ‘terrorist’ attack against LGBTQ community — while driver reportedly claims it was an accident

There are also a lot of car accidents that weren’t conscious attempts to attack people.

Stillwater, Oklahoma, October 24, 2015: Four people were killed and more than 40 injured when a drunk woman drove into a homecoming parade at Oklahoma State University.

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  1. […] Muslims only account for six percent of Europe’s population, but they are responsible for over 80 percent of vehicle attacks in Europe since 2000. Twenty-four percent of the people in the world are Muslims, but they carry out 78 percent of […]

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    The Murderer in Münster, April 7th, only was in posession of a deactivated Kalashnikov Rifle (according to german law, trigger is deactivated, barrel drilled six times in caliber size, chamber welded shut and more). He shot himself with an illegal weapon tho, a Zastava Mod. 70 according to german Spiegel Magazine.


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